EXPLAINED: Possible Causes of the Brovary Helicopter Crash



It was a gloomy moment in the history of Ukraine that witnessed the helicopter that was supplied by France fall into the river close to Kyiv on the 17th of August. Ukraine suffered a lot as a result of the Russian attack. The Russian missile struck an apartment building in Dnipro on Monday , killing a number of people, including six children. The helicopter Super Puma from France crashed in Kyiv on Mondayand killed almost all the top officials of Ukraine’s interior ministry. The country is trying to cope with the tragic loss. Our deepest sympathy goes to the families of the deceased.

Q1. Q1. What event was it which triggered the Russian invasion?

Russia began a military campaign in Ukraine in 2014 , which some consider to be as an “invasion”. This included the incursion of Russian military personnel and equipment in Ukraine’s eastern and southern regions. The intervention also saw the Russian Federation join forces with Crimea. Prior to the annexe and invasion included a series of developments that included the deportation of Ukraine’s pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych and subsequent establishment of a pro-Western administration in Kiev. Russia had a strong objection to this change of government because it believed it was as a threat to its strategic security.

Q2. Q2. How many people died when an Russian missile struck an apartment building in Dnipro in Russia?

A number of lives were tragically lost as the Russian missile struck the apartment building in Dnipro. It resulted in the deaths of 11 individuals. The missile was originally aimed towards military targets within the city. It was aimed at civilians and military employees. It hit an apartment , however it did not hit its goal. The missile’s impact hit the building that was occupied by residents and resulted in extensive damage and led to the death of 11 people. This incident serves as a stark warning about the risks of missiles that are not directed properly. They could have catastrophic effects.

Q3. Q3.

Five persons died during the horrific helicopter crash which occurred close to Kyiv on 12/11/2020. Five passengers were on the aircraft, Yulia Armova (a Brovary resident), Oleksandr Costko (a Myronivka resident), Olena Karpenko (a Brovary resident), Oleh Zaytsev (a Brovary resident) and Oleksandr Kuzmenko (1,299 deaths). The helicopter was traveling from Kyiv and was heading to Brovary and Brovary when it was struck by lightning close to Luchky (located about 40 km from Kyiv). The investigation into the causes of the crash are in progress.

Q4. Q4. What kind of helicopter was France provide that crashed close to Kyiv’s outer outskirts?

A lot of people remain puzzled what caused the tragic helicopter crash that occurred in Brovary (Ukraine). According to the reports that the crash was the result of a French-supplied helicopter. The Eurocopter AS350B3 helicopter light, single engine aircraft utilized to carry passengers as well as cargo. It’s suitable for long distance flights and is able to be utilized across a variety of areas because of the low cost. The craft can also be responsible for the deaths of many like that of Brovary.

Q5. Q5.

Brovary was the site of a devastating helicopter crash which occurred in Ukraine on the 4th of April 2021. In the vicinity in Novi Petrivtsi, the crash location was about 19 miles away from the city’s centre. The rescue team located the exact site of the accident at the junction of Highway M-05, which is an unimportant service road, and the main highway. While the reason for the crash was initially not identified, it was later discovered that the plane was suffering from an issue with its mechanical system. While the reason for the crash is still under investigation, it was later determined that the cause of the crash is connected to wiring or engine problems.

A Short Summary

A grim reminder of Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine’s civilians is the tragic incident that occurred. While there are still numerous unanswered questions about the causes of the incident as well as the reasons behind the tragedy, this incident reveals the immense suffering and loss caused by the conflict in Ukraine has brought to innocent civilians from Ukraine. It is not enough to grieve the loss of these brave leaders, but be sure to remember them as well and fight for Ukraine.

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