The Conference Board’s Employment Trends Index increased in September – what does this mean for the economy?



The U.S. Conference Board (USCB) Employment Trends Index is snapshot of the overall employment condition of United States Conference Boards (USCB) member companies on September 30, the 31st of September. This report includes every U.S. CB members with at least 1,000 employees . It is based on data obtained from the USCB Employee Database.

The Conference Boards Employment Trends Index What Does It Mean.

Conference Boards Employment Trends Index is an exhaustive guide that gives a glimpse of the trends in employment for conference board members throughout the United States. It covers information from 1997 through 2016.The CEBTI offers a snapshot of the present state of conferences board positions in the United States and is an useful tool to understand the performance of these companies throughout the years. The CEBTI can aid employees to identify areas in which they are likely to have suffered, and also provide comments to improve working conditions. There has been a variety of changes in conference board employment trends following the time the CEBTI was released. Particularly, 2017, saw significant increases in postings for jobs in the private sector, while 2018 saw a reduction in job listings for public sector conferences. This shows how crucial it is for the members of conference boards to keep on top of current trends in the industry and be on the lookout for possibilities as opportunities arise.The Conference Boards Employment Trends Index Data from the past DataAs stated earlier, historical data provides insights into the ways in which different kinds of employment at conference boards change in the past. These statistics can help understand why some patterns persist as others shift and provide insights into what is required being done to boost or improve your standing within your sector. Conference Boards Employment Trends Index Conference Boards Employment Trends Index provides a measure of the current state of the US private sector. The CEBTI is designed to give information on the employment trends and the factors which contribute to them.The Conference Boards Employment Trends Index data sources include current and former employees, State and Local Governments, Employers, Non-profit Organizations, and Other Institutions.

What does Conferencing Boards mean for Employment Trends?

Conference Board’s employment trend index measures how companies adjust their workforce. The index can be utilized for assessing the change that has occurred within an organization and in different industries within the US. It is utilized to assist businesses in determining the areas where they might need to change the hiring process or programmes for training to achieve their business objectives.Included within this index are: Length of Employment, Gender Dispersion, Race/Ethnicity, Age distribution, education level, Working hours per week. Pay Rates for New Employees, Size of the Company (Smaller Than 1 Company vs Over 500 employees), Location of Company headquarters (Outside of the top 5 cities vs Inside Top 5 Cities).The Conference Boards Employment Trends Index is a reference for Beginners.The Conference Boards Employment Trends Index (CEBI) is a tool that helps you determine the state of the employment market throughout the United States. The Index is an amalgamation of information from various sources, such as government data as well as company information and private industry sources.What are the Conference Boards Employment Trends Index Sources of Data SourcesThe Conference Board Employment Trends Index data sources include: government data, company data, and private industry sources. In addition, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, (NIST) provides public data. Companies’ data come from both public and private firms all over the US. The sources of data from private industries are: Accenture, Boeing, Cisco, Ernst & Young, GEICO, Honeywell International, IBM, KPMG LLP, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft Corp., Oracle Corporation, Pfizer Inc., Simmons School of Business, Temple University, Symantec Corporation, Symantec Security Services Inc., Time Warner Cable Inc., UPS, and Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz.


The Conference Boards Employment Trends Index is a complete guide which will help you comprehend what is happening in the labor market. This publication will guide you learn about the evolving conditions of your job as well as how you can plan for the future.

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