Revisiting the 90s: The Best and Worst Mike Myers Movies



Mike Myers is known for his bizarre, absurdist and twisted creations. Whatever it’s Danish sex addicts, Canadian local-news reporters, or Peter Sellers in The Party, Myers is always pushing himself to try and test his comedy appeal.

Although Myers’s filmography doesn’t span a long time and he’s only made a handful of unforgettable films in the process. Here are the most memorable and best movies.

1. Wayne’s World 2

Mike Myers is a creator of some memorable characters in pop-culture. His capacity to slip into a fake accent or crazy costume is usually the centerpiece of his comedic work But Mike Myers also has the talent for making his characters feel as real.

It is one of the most loved comics throughout the world. He has the ability to add humor to the broad-minded humor about drinking other people’s drinking shit. He can also create characters that examine deeply personal issues.

Myers most memorable work is centered on characters that are outrageous in their appearance however emotionally grounded through a necessity to blend in. This is the reason Myers’ early SNL characters so successful.

2. The Love Guru

As Mike Myers was developing The Love Guru The Love Guru, he imagined the character of Guru Pitka as a way to join Wayne Campbell and Shrek in the top echelon of unforgettable characters. The promotional material for the film proclaimed it to be “Austin Powers in a nutshell.”

The Love Guru is a humorous comedy, however it’s hard to determine what Myers meant for it to be serious. Like his previous films, the movie is somewhere in the middle. The film is unpolished, inexperienced and silly film that is funny only on a couple times.

The attempts of Myers to denigrate the self-help and spirituality are futile. The film’s humorous slapstick take on elephant poo and ice hockey don’t have the same fun as they sound, and it’s full of cheesy and inane jokes.

3. Austin Powers: International Spy Thriller

Myers is a comic with a unique way of creating characters which are distinct from one another. The ability of his to design characters who are totally different from one another makes Myers stand out among the rest and gives his characters a memorable look.

Mike Myers enjoys taking pop-culture referencesand transforming them into characters that have plenty of character. This is accomplished through a combination of elaborate mix-ups and a love of comedy that combines corny and obvious gags.

The most memorable of his films usually are a mockery of the ’60s spy melodramas. Also, he knows how to make the least annoying characters feel as though they’re his own.

Austin Powers: International Spy Thriller stars Myers as a lively and girl-loving spy agent who awakes in 1997 and must learn to adjust to a new environment. To defeat his former foe Dr. Evil.

4. The Big Bang Theory Big Bang Theory

Mike Myers is a comedy veteran and one of the most well-known Saturday Night Live stars. Even though his movieography might not be as expansive than Jack Black and Will Ferrell’s But Myers has a remarkable ability to make people laugh , and for creating unforgettable character.

Myers is an entertaining comedian, whether he plays one of the psychotic villains or even a intelligent kid with lots of “drawerings,” Myers delivers some memorable roles.

His most memorable performance however, came in The Love Guru, a film that wasn’t given nearly the reception it deserved. However, Myers was inspired from New Age spirituality and his portrayal of Guru Pitka from The Love Guru was so poorly thought out, many Hindu leadership demanded a ban.

5. Pat Arnold

Mike Myers doesn’t shy away of being who he is. This is the reason why Mike Myers is so loved by his fans. His ability to display his vulnerable side and his comedic performances to his physical comedy, has helped him earn a spot as a cult figure.

Even though Myers is most famous in his work for physical humor, the comedian is adept at creating out-of-place characters that are both funny and memorable. Here are his top five memorable characters that will delight you every time you watch them.

Myers is the very first person in history to have an integral role in a drama. He played the role of the person who founded 54, a New York City club that is a leader in disco. His performance, which also included the brutal scene of a drunk and high where Rubell attempted to force Breckin Meyer’s Greg to have sexual relations, was an absolute standout in the otherwise uninteresting film.

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