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Mahmoud Abdul Rahman (the most sought-after draft pick of the NBA had a rapid rise to fame and also brought controversy by his decision to refuse to stand during the national anthem before games. STAND: Either STREAM IT, OR SKIP IT! The documentary on Showtime gives viewers with an interesting look at professional and personal life of Abdul-Rauf as well as the public stance of Abdul-Rauf as told through archival material and Abdul-Rauf’s own on-screen interviews.

The documentary’s narrative focuses on the their childhood memories as well as many other prominent basketball figures. The most recent documentaries on the subject consist of “Colin In Black and White” which features Colin Kaepernick and “Citizen Ashe,” featuring Arthur Ashe. Pay attention to Abdul-Rauf who serves as the primary voice of this narrative. In addition, there are many other people sharing their insights into the story of his life.

Numerous NBA stars like Shaquille, Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr have expressed admiration of Abdul-Rauf’s talents. Concerning the event in which his house was devastated by a fire that was from a mystery origin, Abdul-Rauf commented, “No person wants to see you criticize America, but like James Baldwin said, that is all part of the American spirit of patriotism.” There was a consensus that Abdul-Rauf’s talent went beyond mere talent to become a legend and become a legend, with O’Neal himself stating “He was not great. His accomplishments were exceptional.

However, regardless of the opinions of those who criticize Colin Kaepernick’s current position Some refuse to forget Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf’s basketball expertise when he refused to stand during the national anthem at NBA games . The protest caused outrage in the media, drew threats of death and eventually led to him being suspended from the NBA. Even though the incident has been forgotten, Abdul-Rauf still feels its influence on his career even today.

On recalling his name an impassioned counter-offer erupted from the crowd of voices of Stand. Mahershala Ali was boldly proclaiming “Steph Curry, before Steph Curry” And this was supported by Steph Curry who also spoke of his respect for Abdul-Rauf’s abilities. Shaq has shared an account of his dazzling performance future Louisiana State teammate gave against Georgetown in which he said “it was like I was witnessing God play basketball.” Many others reduced it to a less angrier and simpler attitude, saying that one of the most renowned players ever in the NBA was unfairly deprive.

While Mahmoud Abdul Rahman also referred to as Chris Jackson, hailing originally from Gulfport in Mississippi is best known for his political activism but it is important to remember his talent as a basketball player. As a child in a poor household , including a single mother who had only completed her sixth grade education money was scarce in the household; his brothers’ account of his childhood recalls having to hunt squirrels in order to feed the table. Despite his poverty, Abdul-Rauf’s extraordinary talent and ambition did not be overlooked and soon attracted interest from his high school’s ranks. That eventually lead to the opportunity of a coach position in college in Louisiana State University.

The moral

It is clear that Mahmoud Abdul Rahman truly is a legend for basketball. His career and achievements ought to have been widely appreciated. While he’s loved by Steph Curry, Shaq and other basketball legends, his accomplishments and skills should not be overlooked. His name should be remembered now, he should be remembered by the time we die, and we need to do our best to ensure that never fades away.

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