How Attorney General Yost Showcased Excellence in Ohio Law Enforcement



Attorney General David Yost announced on Friday that the best of Ohio law enforcement will be recognized at the forthcoming “Statewide Law Enforcement Awards.” The 21st of April, on the Sunday at the Ohio Statehouse will take place the ceremony. This group of outstanding individuals, as members of police officers from the Ohio State University police department are being honored for their contributions to the community and professions. Over 450 police officers are scheduled to be recognized.

Police officers from the public sector honored

The Law Enforcement Conference, the Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost recognized the top police officers of Ohio and all those working with the officers. This year’s event included a number of classes that dealt with topics including how to handle the cold case, building trust among communities, federal hate crime statutes and leadership training.

Five peace officers also were acknowledged and one civilian recognized for their contribution during the annual ceremony. These include Cmdr. Meader was one Columbus officer with 31 years of service in charge of his department, the Training Bureau.

Chief Deputy Wilson, a Miami Valley public safety officer is a major amount of his career beyond earning the badge. He’s won a variety of accolades for his work in volunteer work. He was named one of the top 10 African-American males in Dayton. Dayton region by the non-profit who he had served for.

Gregory Perry is a native Ohioan, who is a director for criminal justice and law enforcement. He is a law enforcement officer with the goal to build strong officers and make them productive.

Anti-abortion activists applaud Dobbs decision

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case that women’s right to choose to abort is not secured under the First Amendment.

Even though the landmark civil rights ruling was celebrated widely but there were many doubts and questions about the decision. In particular, what does the consequences of this decision mean for women and other Americans? What impact will this decision have on abortion clinics and medical services?

In addition to the obvious concerns of an abortion ban in the United States the abortion advocates have voiced concern that the move could trigger adverse reactions against abortion in the U.S. and across the globe.

According to an analysis by the Center for Reproductive Rights, more than twelve states are set to pass anti-abortion measures within the next 12 months. Additionally, Republican legislators are reportedly seeking to block abortions on a federal scale.

Attorney General joins lawsuits in push back against inappropriate use of executive power to oust Congress

100 years in the office is always an exciting time particularly when you’re the attorney general for a state. John Yost, Ohio Attorney General, has set ambitious goals following his appointment.

He said he would like to provide the state’s 35,000 police officers annual training and to increase accountability for pharmacy benefit managers who manage Medicaid. Additionally, he said that he would like to see the opioid drugmakers participate in prevention efforts.

The American Legislative Exchange Council actually has a set of legislation models that states can use. The mission statement of the organization reads: “Attorneys, legislators, and the public have to collaborate to create policies and laws that will bring America wonderful again.”

Yost’s legal team is not unfamiliar with filing lawsuits. It has led or been a part of 23 legal cases against the federal government. His most well-known actions include suit challenging bump stock, which transform guns into automatic weapon.

He is also a supporter of the professional police licensing program. If he is elected, he would like to see more money for training the Ohio police force of 35,000.

Presidential initiative by the Attorney General

This award from the Attorney General’s Office for Distinguished Service In Policing Recognizes the Law Enforcement Officers as well as their commitment to professional and effective police work. These awards are awarded to law enforcement officers who are sworn and state, local or tribal police officers. This year’s award honors Stark State’s Law Enforcement Academy.

People vs. the National Association of Attorneys General was started by the NAAG in the last few days. Hate. The organization aims at providing the tools and help to those that are affected by hatred in their community through this campaign.

Alongside other projects, the NAAG can provide information and analysis for Attorneys General offices. It will also provide workshops and studies for everyone else. Additionally, the organization will work closely with the Attorneys General so that extremists can stop becoming followers and to develop tools to help the public.

The NAAG will focus on holistic solutions to hatred to stop it. It will also partner with the Attorney General in an effort to help youth resist to hatred, deal with individuals and groups suffering from trauma as well as stop the violence.

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