Canelo Alvarez: I’m not afraid to fight Lionel Messi



It was evident the presence of Lionel Messi, Argentina’s eloquent win against Mexico in the 16th round of the The 2018 World Cup was the highlight of the night. While a Mexican boxer said Messi was washing his Mexican shirt, on Twitter It’s evident that Messi was an excellent boxer. The team was able to win comfortably, 2-1 because of Messi, the Argentine captain, who scored an excellent goal, and also set the stage for another. Messi’s performance that won the match in Argentina is sure to be talked about but some might not be thrilled with the video showing him kicking the Mexico jersey.

1. How did Messi think of his performances as boxer in Mexico? Mexican boxer?

Canelo Alvarez was not happy Lionel Messi on the soccer field. Mexican boxer Canelo alvarez posted on social media and expressed his displeasure, and warned that he’d “beat to” Messi if they were to meet. While it’s unclear exactly what Alvarez was thinking, it appears that Messi was not impressed.

2. How did the team of Messi react to the victory?

Lionel Messi was congratulated by his team-mates for defeating Canelo Alvarez who is a Mexican boxer from Mexico. The victory was an absolute joy for them, and they were in awe. Messi is one of the best teammates around the globe and they’ll be there for him, no matter what.

A Short Summary

The two athletes are on opposite sides, and Canelo Alvarez as well as Lionel Messi each in one corner. Following Argentina’s win over Mexico in the World Cup, Canelo threatened Lionel. Canelo is threatening Lionel with violence following the win of Argentina against Mexico at the world cup. Lionel has yet to react.

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