How the African teams fared in their Qatar World Cup debut



Following a combined 0-5 start to the group stage by the African teams at the World Cup, Senegal is the only hope of avoiding a clean sweep. In November, on November 29, the Lions of Teranga take on Ecuador in their final game of their group phase. This tournament has proved difficult for Africa as Algeria, Cameroon and Ghana and Cameroon all failing to win their first matches. Senegal suffered a 2-1 loss to Chile in the final game to become the closest of teams to win. Although there is still hope for an African team will make it to the next stage of the competition, it’s unlikely.

1. Senegal remains the African team in contention for the World Cup. What are their chances of winning their final group stage match against Ecuador?

Senegal is the African team remaining in contention to host at the World Cup. This means that Senegal has a good chance of beating Ecuador. Their World Cup debut has been amazing, and they’ll be looking to continue their good form with this one. However, Ecuador are also a highly skilled team and will want to win this match too. Senegal will be hoping to win this game. There is a good chance that it will be close and intense.

2. Why do you think none or any of these African teams have won their first game at the group stage?

A number of African nations made their first appearances at the Qatar World Cup. Yet, none could win their first game in the group stage. There are many possible explanations for this. One possibility is that it’s simple due to the intensity of competition. As this World Cup is the highest in international football, African teams might not compete with their counterparts in the quality. There could also be anxiety. In the case of many teams, it was their first time on large a stage. They might have felt shocked by the event. The other reason could be the an absence of knowledge.

Quick Summary

It was worth the wait for African football fans , as the continent’s fifth participant in the 2022 Qatar World Cup finally scored its first goals in the tournament. It was Egypt’s Mohamed Salah and Nigeria’s Victor Osimhen each scored on an open goal in their initial games and gave African supporters something to be excited for in a tough tournament for the continent thus far. There are two games left to go, let’s hope that Africa can continue to make its mark in Qatar.

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