Iran’s enrichment of uranium to 60% purity: what does this mean for the world?



Iran has started producing enriched uranium of 60% purity in its underground Fordo nuclear facility as per official reports. The semi-official news agency IRNA stated: “In a letter to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Iran has informed the agency that it has began enriching uranium until 60% purity at the Fordo site by using advanced IR-6 centrifuges.” This action is in opposition of a US-led resolution passed at the UN Security Council last month, which demanded Iran stop enriching uranium until 20 percent in Fordo. Iran’s SNN network announced that Tehran will also be building new centrifuges on its Natanz and Fordow nuclear sites.

1. What is the Iran’s Fordo nuclear facility?

Iran’s Fordo nuclear power plant can be found in Iran. It’s utilized to enrich uranium. It is operational since 2006 . It is currently enriched uranium to 60% purity. Its operation is managed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Around 20 miles away from Qom in Iran The Fordo nuclear power station can be located. The facility is built into the side of a mountain, and was designed to resist air strikes. The plant’s purpose is to enhance uranium. This is a process of increasing the percentage of uranium 235 atoms within Uranium. Since 2006, this plant has been improving uranium to as high as 60% purity. International Atomic Energy Agency oversees the facility.

2. Is Iran utilising SNN?

As a response to news that Iran has begun enriching pure uranium by 60% at the Fordo underground mine it is vital to comprehend the country’s SNN network. SNN is the acronym for Supreme National Security Council and is the one responsible for formulating the Iran’s nuclear policy. The council is comprised of the President, head of the Parliament and the Judiciary and top military commanders. The SNN was formed in the year 1989 as a result of the Iran-Contra affair, and is the highest decision-making body of the nation in terms concerning national security.

3. What resolution was it that Iran’s foreign ministry threw out?

As per the report, Iran has started enriching Uranium at Fordo underground facility. This is 60% pure. The the Iranian foreign ministry rejected is the one that required Iran to cease all enrichment activities. The ministry’s foreign policy said it was “unjustified and unnecessary.

4. What is this? International Atomic Energy Agency?

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is an organization of international standing that seeks to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy as well as to limit its use in military applications. Founded in 1957, the IAEA is the most authoritative authority in the field of nuclear energy. The IAEA’s mandate is set out in Article II in its Statute in which it states: The Agency will strive to speed up and increase the value of nuclear energy to peace, health and prosperity across the globe. With the help of its Member States, the IAEA along with its associates works in promoting peaceful nuclear usage and to help prevent its spread.

Quick Summary

In the end, it’s certain that Iran is enriching uranium by up to 60 percent at it’s underground Fordo plant. This is as a response to UN nuclear watchdog’s call for more cooperation with Tehran. Iran is already enriching the purity of uranium, which can reach 60% purity elsewhere, much less than the 90 percent required to make nuclear weapons. This could further reduce the chances of a renewal in 2015 of the Iran nuclear deal, which had been intended to limit the country’s enrichment.

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