How Banijay Americas is Revolutionizing Shopping Through Its Partnership With Best Buy



This year, Banijay Americas and Best Buy revealed that they will join forces to advertise the release of L, which is a Spanish language version of the hit movie franchise. The two firms also said that they would work together on other projects to come.


Survivor isn’t the only game show with multiple stages of challenges. It’s the Genius Game, a contest that test a participant’s social savviness, debuted in the Netherlands on October 1.

The main challenge is to figure out how to make the best use of the options available. For example, do you need to rely on rain jackets, bamboo cots and mosquito nets? Are you in a position to create your own?

It’s good news that Banijay Americas has put together an expert team to help you figure it out. This team comprises Endemol Shine North America and U.S. Hispanic as well 51 Minds Entertainment, Stephen David Entertainment as well as Brazil.

Endemol Shine Brasil

This week, Banijay announced it has bought Endemol Shine Group. Endemol Shine Group in a transaction worth more than two billion dollars. This will result in the biggest producer of content in the world. They will also have larger international presence.

The company that is merged will comprise 120 labels for production, and the identical European footprint as both Endemol and Banijay. The respective CEOs are expected to remain in their current post. The two companies have been trying to negotiate with each other for a long time. However, the agreement will not be completed before the antitrust evaluation is complete. This is expected to take between 6 and 12 months.

In Europe the largest market for this company is UK. The company owns several independent shows there, including Black Mirror, Broadchurch and Tipping Point. Endemol Shine, a US-based company, has developed shows including Almost Family and MasterChef. Endemol Shine also has indies such as Fifty Fathoms or House of Tomorrow.

Mexico City-based Endemol Shine Boomdog

Banijay Americas had announced earlier in the year that it planned to launch a Mexico City-based production company. Laurens Drillich will lead the new studio, which is headed by Endemol Shine Latino President. The studio will focus on creating original content for the media and online commerce industries. It will be located at the Polanco district of Mexico City.

Endemol Shine will debut two brand new series during the first quarter of the year. The new series are Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas as well as Maradona Sueno Bendito. The scripted shows are jointly produced by Vince Gerardis, producer of Game of Thrones, and BTF Media, a leading entertainment and media business.

The series will be available via Amazon Prime Video and Turner. The comedy series will be produced by Fernando Leon de Aranoa, who directed his documentary “Selena Quintanilla: The Story of a Life in the Making”. Based on real reports, the biopic will tell about the story of the actor and singer. It is being produced by Campanario Entertainment and will be released on December 4.

Endemol Shine Boomdog Studio, Mexico City recently entered into an agreement to work together with Eugenio Diez (multiple Emmy nominee) for production. The two will collaborate on the production of “Last One Mexican Laughing” as one of the Amazon Original Series. It will premiere on Netflix from 12th December. It is based off a successful format in the United States and other countries.

Banijay Mexico & U.S. Hispanic

Banijay announced earlier this year that they would launch the very first studio partner within the Los Angeles Community Impact hub. This initiative aims designed to engage youth in the entertainment business. The business now operates its new production studio, Banijay Mexico & US Hispanic. The new studio is scheduled to launch in September 2021.

Like you would expect, it is a production firm that is specialized in non-scripted television. Many of the most popular non-scripted TV series were created by them. Among the many accolades they’ve won is the Daytime Emmy for their upcoming reality series, Last One Laughing: Mexico. The two-hour reality show on primetime will feature co-hosts Sandarti and Jimena Gallego. The show was also renewed for a new season.


In the spring of this year, Banijay Americas and the Best Buy Foundation announced a partnership to give Los Angeles high school students opportunities to work in the industry of entertainment. Through this program, Banijay Americas will help youngsters develop their skills and build their foundation for a career in television production. The participants will also be given the opportunity to work with Hollywood producers and learn about how technology is used in filmmaking and television.

The collaboration will fund 100 Teen Tech Centers by 2025. The centers provide educational and career training, in addition to mentoring by adults. Students have access vast array of technological tools such as augmented and virtual realityas well as tools for film and video production.

Les Disparus de la Foret Noire

RTBF has worked along with Belga Productions, Fiction’Air, and Banijay Studios France to produce the mini-series of four episodes. The main characters of the show are the former Judge of Instruction suffering from amnesia partial and a German police inspector as well as a female journalist and a teenager.

The plot is well executed thriller. The people in the story are not as they appear to be. The town houses a lot of foreigners, along with the fact that the sheriff was an officer in the police force and lives with his family. This town is home to the largest numbers of missing people each year.

The best way to experience this show is to watch it on demand. The first season of the series will be available through Auvio for seven days.

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