10 Quick, Easy, and Nutritious Recipes for Busy Weeknights



Making food on a Friday afternoon or evening provides my a lot of happiness, and especially when it’s I am accompanied by the well-chosen music from my Spotify playlist. The experience, regardless of what I’m making (which is often a great deal of cheese) is what’s most important. It provides an opportunity to consider the philosophical question as to whether the experience or destination is more significant.

Although food is delicious and, in many cases, very pleasing, cooking is far more about how you get there more than the product. There are times when lengthy hours of work can cause a dish that’s soon lost. Cooking has become known to provide relief to some, serving as a type of therapy, which helps reduce the symptoms associated with mental illnesses. Cooking can provide a soothing moment that allows one to feel fulfilled and grounded. Culinary endeavors are an enjoyable solution to the most pressing issues that allows for hands-on project that can be both relaxing as well as fulfilling.

The restorative experimentation inherent in cooking may help increase one’s appreciation of its insular nature. It is an opportunity to capitalize on existing tastes and talents, as well as turn a mundane task (eatinginto artful and meaningful. It’s possible to get access to nostalgia through recipes as well as food-splattered cookbooks which are handed down from one generation to the next. Similar can be stated for those who have lost their loved ones that can also be located in the familiarity of tastes, smells, and the sounds. Additionally, there’s an euphoric sense of safety that comes with knowing that in the coming hour or so, you’ll be surrounded by flavors that linger, scents, and images that have been carefully collected.

The benefits of cooking can be numerous such as the possibility to learn a variety of cooking techniques and tools. It also allows you to learn about history and culture as well as the many ingredients used in the various cuisines. Instead of seeing the dinners that you have on a weeknight as a chore to be completed and do, consider cooking as a means to relax. It can provide relief from stress and worries and a chance for you to practice mindfulness. Anyone who has access to the kitchen have privileged access and enjoy a myriad of leisure activities. Cooking should therefore be considered an indispensable panacea.

At the time of my college studies I took one of the classes that dealt with positive psychology. We studied extensively on the notion of “flow,” which I covered in depth in my final paper. According to Verywell Mind, flow is typically described as “a state of mind in where a person is completely involved in an event.” The definition isn’t restricted to just one type of sport. It can also be experienced in daily tasks like eating a meal or feeding your loved ones. It is also an opportunity to feel joy and fulfillment in the daily necessities of life, no matter what your culinary experience.

I am satisfied and complete and enjoying the moment at the highest level. Cooking and writing are two times when I am in “flow”. This isn’t just restricted to cooking. Salon Food’s newsletter The Bite contains more delicious food writings and recipes. Recently, I had a conversation with my friend Alex Waidelich, who is an Associate Counselor licensed in New Jersey, regarding the concept of mental health consciousness as one cooks at home. The conversation focused on executive functioning becoming a popular topic amongst both educational and non-educational circles.

The moral

The concept of flow, that is an essential factor in a successful and fulfilling life, must be addressed and appreciated by every person. Flow is the ability to be aware of the rhythms that naturally occur and receive nourishment. By taking part in actions that help us reach the state of flow, we will be able to supply ourselves as well as our loved ones with the sustenance they need physical and spiritually. Nourishment is both a necessity and an opportunity to flourish, so embrace it with flow.

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