The Many Influences Behind Marty Feldman’s Iconic Comedic Style



Marty Feldman was a very well-known actor at the beginning of his career. He chose to not take the role of “Bad News,”” and instead worked as an additional in “The Nightmare before Christmas.” While his first successes allowed his career but he had to overcome many hurdles during his professional career.

Young childhood

Marty Feldman is often associated with Mel Brooks’ name, but he has an unorthodox family. He was born to poor Jewish exiles of Kiev, Ukraine. In the aftermath of World War II, the family relocated to London. The boy was kicked out of school at least 12 times until he was fifteen.

Feldman despite all his misfortunes early on is a phenomenal comic. Feldman performed as an actor, and hugely a lover of Buster’s physical comedy. He was also bullied for his looks. He was often spotted at fashionable clubs in the west of London. Also, he was afflicted with anti-Semitism.

In the early days He worked as an assistant to a stage hypnotist. He was one of the original three members of the traveling burlesque troupe, he was also one. His professional career as a jazz trumpeter earned him the title “the most ineffective jazz player”. He was a huge drinker of black tea and consumed half a box of cigarettes per day.

He began writing for well-known British radio shows. He later became the chief author of The Frost Report. Also, he was among Terry Scott’s writers for his TV specials.

Comedy writer career

Marty Feldman was a comedian who wrote his own comedy scripts for TV and in film. The first time he wrote was on BBC Light Programme’s “Educating Archie”. The episode he co-wrote was in the series The Army Game. In 1954, he formed a writing partnership along with Barry Took. Harry Worth’s We’re In Business also featured Barry Took and Harry Worth. They wrote Bootsie and Snudge for the majority of the time in the early 1960s. They also produced It’s Marty in 1969. The series was awarded numerous accolades from the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.

Apart from his comedy writing career, Feldman was an actor. He was for the roles of The Muppets and Young Frankenstein. He also received an BAFTA award. Additionally, he was a guest on the Johnny Carson Show. A traveling troupe of burlesque performers was another affiliation. The show was famous for its charming dwarf appearance.

During his writing career, Feldman worked with Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder. Also, he collaborated alongside Terry Scott on several television specials. He also wrote the scripts for famous Granada Television sitcoms. The collaborations he had with Pythons John Cleese and Graham Chapman were notable as well.

Make sure you are on the other aspect of the camera

Feldman was the star of British comedy in the 1960s. He wrote acting, performing and directing and made his mark with his own series. A number of his supporting roles included Young Frankenstein (1975), The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”Smarter Brother (1975), The Bed Sitting Room ( 1969) and Every Home Should Own One (1970).

During the mid-1960s, Feldman and Barry Took co-wrote 39 episodes of their satirical sketch show in just ten months. They referred to it as”the Marty Feldman Comedy Machine. The comic Danny Kaye inspired them. The show was hugely successful and received numerous awards.

Feldman was an oddball actor. He played a swinging boss and was a ‘drunk’ guy. Also, he had a run-in with an au couple. The frequent appearances in fashionable bars of the West End were a sign that he was famous.

He was an avid admirer of Buster Keaton as a comedian. Feldman claimed that the best comedy of all time was his “Loneliness Of The long Distance Golfer”.


At the time of his death, Marty Feldman was an unusual actor who made a name by his satirical comedic show. His comedy show became a huge success. The best sketch to ever be drawn was his drawing “The isolation of the long distance golfer.”

Feldman’s show was the start the new age of humorous television. It introduced celebrities such as Ronnie Barker and John Cleese to the world of TV. Also, it introduced viewers to the British comedy duo of Graham Chapman and Michael Palin.

The parents of his were Jewish Ukrainians. His family was in London’s Canning Town. Feldman lived in an impoverished family. Following the war, his family moved to north London. Feldman’s upbringing did not prevent him from falling in love with comedy.

He began performing at a young age, first appearing at fairs. as a hypnotist’s helper, He also did. He appeared on one of the shows and later became a writer. Additionally, he was a guest on the Johnny Carson Show as well as The Muppets.

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