Alexis Ohanian on why he and Serena Williams make a great team



Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian is responding to Drake’s “I Keep Winning” tweet. The song is rapped by Alexis Ohanian from the new album Her Loss as well as 21 Savage. Even though Ohanian was not able to specifically use the name Drake in the tweet, she was evidently shocked by Drake’s comment.

Alexis Ohanian’s reaction to Drake’s “I Stay Winning” tweet

Drake’s diss track “I Stay Winnin”, has been an ongoing topic of debate on the internet. Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian has responded via Twitter in response to the tweet. Though he’s not speaking about the song’s lyrics or even the significance of the song, Ohanian does appear to think he’s a bit open-minded about the controversy.

The Drake released a new song on Thursday. Drake released a new song named “Middle of the Ocean,” in which he slams at Serena Williams. Many speculated that Drake had been mocking Serena because he had ties to her in 2015. It was also possible that Drake considered Serena while attending a tennis match together with Williams within a few months.

Drake also took aim at Serena Williams and other artists through the song. Drake also spoke of Serena Williams’ rumored ex-husband Alexis Ohanian as an “groupie.” Drake’s tweets sparked controversy and were criticised by various people.

Her husband’s response in Drake’s “groupie” lyric

Drake and 21 Savage released “Her Loss” Drake’s latest album. Drake took aim at Alexis Ohanian who is Serena Williams’ husband. The lyrics also reference Paris Hilton. While Drake and Williams are said to be friends however, their relationship has not been proven.

Backlash has been generated by the song’s lyrics. Many are asking whether the rapper’s statement is in reference to the fact that Megan Ohanian’s father shot her in July of 2020. Tory Lanez has pleaded not in the case.

The lyrics aren’t only the most controversial song on the album. Megan Thee Stallion also criticised “Circo Loco” which is another track from the album. This song was heavily criticized by the rapper due to its reference to her fight with Kanye and the fact that she was taken to the hospital in the face by Tory Lanez. Other songs on the album have been similarly criticized by Drake and his fans, like “Hotline Bling” and “Cha-Cha.”

Relationship Between Serena Williams and Drake

In the last period of time Serena Williams has been in a relationship with Drake. The two musicians and rappers attended the Wimbledon match in the year 2015when they were photographed with each other. They hung out with each other after the game. Later, they celebrated Serena’s Wimbledon triumph via Instagram. Drake is an avid fan of Serena however, the relationship isn’t confirmed.

While it’s unclear the relation between them is, both have had a connection to numerous women in their professional lives. Williams is a member of hip-hop in the Canadian hip-hop scene from 2011 the year that Williams appeared in a surprise appearance at a competition. Although there is no evidence there is any evidence Williams and Drake had ever been in a relationship but it is clear that they share a close connection. They are close friends who have been in contact over a number of years.

As Drake and Williams have been seen in a photo together during the Italian Open in 2016, their romance began to take off when the businessman invited Williams to play in a match. The entrepreneur engaged Williams in the same hotel. After that, the couple had their first baby together prior to a wedding ceremony in the month of November 2017.

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