How advertisers will benefit from Netflix’s new service



Netflix has been promoting its streaming service as an uncommercial alternative to cable and isn’t averse to introducing ads. Netflix will begin with the same method of advertising, and is planning to tweak its offer as time goes by. In the meantime, as Netflix is trying to reverse its drop in subscribers, its new ad-supported service will be launched Nov. 3. It’ll cost $7 a monthly in the U.S., a 55% markdown from Netflix’s most well-known $15.50-per-month plan, which is ad-free. The new plan will be less expensive than the current plan, will offer the same content, but it will also have ads.

A Short Summary

The brand new service may be a good option to allow Netflix to try to reverse the decline in subscribers however it remains to be determined if the service will succeed. Low video quality and more commercials might not attract customers returning. There are many streaming services offering similar content, without the ads.

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