Kevin Durant Is Not Amused By Jordan Poole’s Behind-Back



Jordan Pooles committed a number of errors during Jordan Pooles made a number of mistakes during the Rising Stars Challenge match against Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. Kevin Durant was very outspoken about it. The player did not manage the ball effectively, was referred to technical assistance after which he gave an interview to ESPN where he admitted that he was drunk. He was able to throw 3 interceptions in the game.

Kevin Durant has a lot of words to say about the issue

He is prone to making a lot of mistakes which is why you shouldn’t think he should be an integral part of the NBA. – Kevin Durant on Jordan Pooles

Did Kevin Durant right about Jordan Pooles?

Kevin Durant stated that Jordan Pooles could have helped him become the better player if was more consistent. Durant claimed that Pooles complained every day about his shots as well as having an “bad back”. Durant declared Jordan Pooles should have played better like a normal athlete and would be scoring more points.

What was Kevin Durant say about Jordan Pooles’ performance.

Kevin Durant said that he would have been better off had Jordan Pooles had played more regularly. Kevin Durant said that Jordan Pooles wasn’t his type of player.


Kevin Durant was very critical of Jordan Pooles’ errors. Kevin Durant criticized Jordan Pooles for making a lot of mistakes, saying that he would have been happier ifJordan Pooles would have played with greater consistency. Jordan Pooles was not as regular as he ought to have been. Jordan Pooles is not an ideal candidate to be a part of the NBA’s future.

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