Russia and Ukraine Trade Barbs After Deadly Clashes



The shelling on Monday of Ukrainian cities carried out by Russian forces was a huge escalated conflict between two nations. These attacks targeted civilians like central Kyiv with at least eight civilians were killed. The continuous barrage against major cities is a clear sign that Russia does not want a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict. While the counter-offensive launched by Ukraine over the last few weeks has progressed, this attack from Russia is bound to slow the efforts. Ukraine’s citizens need the support of international partners and support now more than ever.

1. What was the purpose of the Russian shelling on Kyiv, Ukraine on Monday, Oct. 10 2022?

The primary target of Russian attack on Kyiv, Ukraine on Monday, Oct. 10th, 2022, was the presidential palace. The attack came just minutes after Ukraine’s military declared that they been able to defeat a separatist attack from Russia in the eastern area of Ukraine. Ukrainian Presidency Petro Poroshenko denounced the bombing as a “direct assault” by Russia. Although the Kremlin is not involved in the attack The Ukrainian government published audio files that they claim prove Russian involvement. According to reports, the recordings contain conversations among Russian soldiers with separatist fighters in which the soldiers discuss the attack that took place on Kyiv. Kyiv was attacked. Kyiv is accompanied by a dramatic increase in fighting with Russia and Ukraine.

2. How many were killed by the shelling?

Latest reports reveal that 2 civilians were killed in two civilians killed in Russia-Ukraine War shelling. This tragedy emphasizes the need for a comprehensive and lasting solution to the war in the region. This tragedy also highlights the need for the international community to come all together to help bring an end to the violence.

Quick Summary

To conclude, the Russia-Ukraine War is a major conflict with many implications to the future. Both sides have sustained severe damages in recent weeks. It’s not over, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with new developments.

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