The Most Influential Countries in the World: A Ranking



It’s difficult to judge countries based on cultural influence on its own. Certain countries are influenced by other countries in a different way than other. The following five countries are those with the greatest cultural influence. France, Denmark, Australia and South Africa all make the list. What do they have with each other?


The Ethiopian culture comes from the amalgamation of several ethnic groups. Every group has their own tradition and culture, yet they all share in Ethiopia’s culture overall. Ethiopians have many cultural traditions including food, dance and hairstyles. Ethiopian culture is a diverse blend of religious and cultural customs that make it an ethnically diverse country.

Ethiopia’s social system centers on family. The individuals are recognized by their contribution to families, and put family needs before the needs of their own. A lot of parents remain with their children long after their children grow up.


While Denmark was once one of the countries with the highest acceptance of immigrants, the recent events resulted in a rise in tensions between native residents. There are political parties that advocate being excluded from social assistance of people from other countries. A lot of new immigrants are dual citizens and frequently display Danish the culture and language in Denmark and overseas.

While Danish is the national language, many languages are widely spoken across the country. The majority of Danes have fluency in English and German, but many complain about difficulties learning Danish. Additionally, there are a number of Danish words that mean opposite things with different meanings and the spelling and pronunciation do not always coincide.


It’s evident that Australia has a huge cultural influence. Many of the top artists and musicians around the world reside in Australia. Australia is the home of some of the most famous artists of throughout the history of the Grammy Awards. The artists that are included are: Silverchair, Powderfinger, John Farnham, Jimmy Barnes, Kylie Minogue, and several others.

Australia is proud of its culture. Australian society is proud of their unique culture, despite the influence from its neighbor the United States has had on it. Since World War II, Australia’s society has moved towards American cultural norms, however, Australia is able to retain its unique culture.

South Africa

Anyone planning to visit South Africa should be aware of a variety of dangers. The country is plagued by a huge number of carjackings. The best way to prevent this is to lock your car, and also open the windows. Make sure that valuables are hidden away from sight. The “smash-and-grab” crime is another threat. These are common within urban areas as well as at highway off-ramps. Robbers disguise themselves as dealers and snatch your precious items quickly.

Although South Africa has a diverse population, there are some common characteristics. South Africans tend to be entrepreneurial, and they are inclined to try new things. They appreciate cooperation and hard work. These people are motivated and often think in practical, realistic ways. These people are usually motivated by fear of unemployment.


The United States of America is an unincorporated federal republic composed of fifty states, plus the state of Hawaii within the mid-Pacific ocean. It has land borders that are shared with Canada as well as Mexico. It is the fourth biggest nation in terms of size.

The United States of America is an extremely new nation, nevertheless, it has experienced some significant development. It was formed in 1776 and began the process of creating the nation. This was an important time for the entire world, as it was its first European colony to be able to seperate and create a nation. The first few years of the colony’s existence were full of political debates over territorial expansion, social issues and growth in the economy. The US started to expand across North America in the middle in this century. The result was often Native Americans being displaced. This led to the expansion of several states. This led to the United States eventually spanned the entire continent from the east to the west.

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