The Benefits of Building vs Buying Last Mile Delivery Technology



In the realm of Last Mile Delivery Technology, there are several considerations to consider. Big retailers typically enter into the market with traditional or delayed last mile delivery to cities that are dense in order to take the control over customer interactions, as well as generating synergies with same-day networks.

Autonomous delivery vehicles

Autonomous delivery vehicles are an excellent option for providing same-day delivery. They’re based on latest technology such as artificial intelligence. They use GPS as well as real-time tracking to enhance routes and improve effectiveness. This advanced technology will drive the growth in autonomous last-mile market for delivery.

Simulations of Logistics

A way to evaluate the effectiveness of a last mile delivery technique is by running logistic simulations. The simulations allow businesses to understand how various scenarios can impact their business. Simulations are a great way to plan and improve your business. Simulations, for instance could help firms determine what they can do to maximize their trucks to transport different goods.


Crowdsourced delivery is a great option to speed up the last mile delivery while making it more convenient for your business. The delivery is handled by firms with a fleet of drivers who have been trained and equipped with the most recent technology. Numerous businesses utilize popular delivery companies, such as Lyft as well as Amazon. These delivery companies allow retailers to place orders online for their products and assign an independent courier to make the deliveries. The agent picks up the goods from specified locations and starts the delivery process.

Software integration for retail

Automating last mile delivery with software increases the security and speed of delivery. Additionally, it can decrease the wear and tear on your delivery assets , and boost customer satisfaction.

Embracing e-commerce

The exponential growth of e-commerce has changed the way that we shop, and delivery last mile isn’t an exception. While the shift from brick and mortar stores to online sales is good for businesses However, last-mile delivery may be an issue in some of the nations with the largest population. In particular, the expanding middle of the population in India and the country where e-commerce will be estimated to reach 100 billion dollars by 2020, has resulted in a major need for services for last mile delivery. India’s postal system has been slow in the past, but that’s unfortunate.

Personalization is important

Personalization is an important element of good customers experience (CX). The consumer wants ease of use along with speed and an individual touch. These are the qualities a business must deliver in order to succeed. Customization of deliveries last mile could give an organization a competitive advantage.

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