The best Hollywood movies to watch on a Fiji Airways flight



Fiji Airways offers flights to Los Angeles, the ‘City of Angels.’ This US city is the most populous in the state of California and home to Hollywood. The city is situated on the Pacific Ocean, and it was first established in 1781. Some of the most popular attractions in the city includes the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, with its pago-shaped roof as well as the red carpet.

Economy Class

Fiji Airways offers flights to Los Angeles, known as”The City of Angels.”. This US city as well as is home to Hollywood it is the most populous in California. It was first established in 1781. It is also located near its Pacific Ocean and mountains. Among its many attractions is the well-known Grauman’s Chinese Theater, which has a roof that is shaped like a pago and a red carpet.

The airline has also its own loyalty scheme, offering members the opportunity to accrue additional baggage limits along with other privileges. American Airlines, Alaskan Airlines and Qantas all have frequent airliner points. The airline operates three or daily flights from Los Angeles.

Enjoy free in-flight entertainment

It is true that the Fiji Airways inflight entertainment system has its faults, however. The system offers only a few choices of films. The standard of these films can vary. The company is often criticized for inadequate content selection as well as its policy on paying to view. Fiji Airways’ entertainment system, however, does include touchscreens for economy and business economy class passengers as well as more than 71,000 international newspapers.

The IFE system that is available on Fiji Airways includes an innovative featurethat is shared the same feature with Air New Zealand. It is possible to order pizza during your flight making use of it through the IFE system. The catch? You will need to contact the flight crew in order for your pizza to be delivered at your seating. It’s understandable that the crew will be puzzled when you test this new thing for the very first time. You can also enjoy movies music, CDs, and games inside the cockpit.

Large overhead luggage bins

Fiji Airways has plenty of overhead baggage storage. On the other hand make sure you check all firearms and ammunition that you’ll be bringing along. If you plan to bring firearms or ammunition, you’ll need to declare these items before departure. The approval is available at least seven days in advance of the flight.

In contrast to other airlines, Fiji Airways has the highest ceiling in the industry as well as one of the biggest overhead bins in the market. Fiji Airways aircrafts are equipped with an advanced air filtering system to keep the cabin air fresh and clean. They also have specially-trained Customer Wellness Champions, they are responsible for their health and well-being of the passengers.

The new route from Los Angeles to Nadi

Fiji Airways has recently launched a brand new route between Los Angeles and Nadi. This new flight is not just going to simplify your journey to get between the two cities, it will also help make the journey a lot smoother and more pleasant. The flight will cost you around $780 round-trip.

The flight will last approximately 10 hours, and it is also direct. It’s about 5,522 miles.

A Codeshare Agreement between Fiji Airways and Alaska Airlines

As a result of the codeshare agreement signed that was signed between Fiji Airways and Alaska Airlines, Fiji Airways customers can now fly into Hollywood. Both airlines will be operating flights to San Francisco and Fiji, and their flights will be connected via San Francisco. Fiji Airways customers will be connected to the new flights between Fiji and San Francisco. The two airlines already have codeshare agreements with each the other, and so this latest service can be a huge benefit travellers.

Both airlines are longtime rivals. The airline was initially known as Air Pacific, the airline is the first one to offer direct flights towards Los Angeles from Fiji. Fiji Airways was renamed Fiji Airways on June 13, 2013 and it joined Alaska Airlines as a codeshare partner.

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