Ruby Walsh: Arc is as close as we have to a Grand Prix, so why the gridlock?



Newmarket’s Saturday card is headlined by Group 2 Joel Stakes, one of the most important races in the Derby. In addition, Newmarket only has a big-field two-year-old sales race to help with its main event, while most of the other card will be standard fare. In the Southwest region of London, Ascot has a pair of Group 3s which have a strong numerical support, an historic handicap with a large field and a good female race with a listed name, however, it isn’t the main race Newmarket has.

1. Which is the main Newmarket feature race?

The principal feature race held at Newmarket can be described as the Arc that is believed to be one of the Grand Prix of horse racing. Then, why do we have a gridlock when it comes to news about Ruby Walsh? The reason could be many factors. For one, Ruby Walsh is an extremely successful jockey and the Arc race is extremely important. The news that he will announce is of great interest to many since he’s won the Arc three times. Secondly The Arc is raced over a huge distance (2,400 meters) making it a very demanding race. This makes it more remarkable the moment a jockey such as Ruby Walsh is able to beat the odds.

2. What’s the Ascot’s most important feature race?

The information regarding Ruby Walsh is quite interesting. The Arc is about as close as possible to the concept of a Grand Prix, so it is reasonable to expect there to there be some congestion. But the most important race held at Ascot can be described as The Gold Cup. This may be a little than expected, considering that the Arc is usually the most expensive race. Nevertheless, it is clear that Walsh is a skilled racer who is capable of winning either race.

3. What is Ascot’s overall quality score compared to Newmarket?

As everyone knows, the Grand Prix is the most famous horse race around the globe. When news came out that Ruby Walsh would be missing the Arc de Triomphe due to gridlock, many thought about the reason. The Arc is, indeed, as close as it gets to being a Grand Prix. With a purse worth EUR5million It is one of Europe’s biggest grass race. Then, what’s with the delay? According to research, the Ascot card actually is superior to Newmarket with regards to quality. Indeed, many experts consider that Ascot may be the more superior out of both.

Quick Summary

The idea was not to fill every minute of the day with racing and so the people of the British Isles forgot Longchamp is on. It is however possible that the 43 races held at six locations today might be too numerous and that some people may not have remembered about this Longchamp race.

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