Unpacking Damon Salvatore’s 10 Best Pop Culture References in The Vampire Diaries



The Vampire Diaries makes many reference towards pop-culture. It’s a great method of bringing the show closer to the fans it has. The list also includes Dracula as well as Twilight. Twilight series.


The Vampire Diaries, a comedy with a lot of pop culture references and is a lot of fun. The most well-known moment is when Elena and Damon go to Whitmore College in order to discover how to feed. Elena finds Damon’s hilarious quotation while at Whitmore College. Damon’s very first mention of pop culture from The Vampire Diaries is this phrase. This is a great illustration of his witty comedy.

The Vampire Diaries is one of The CW Network’s most loved shows over the years. The show is currently on its third season, and is scheduled to return for a second season beginning in September of 2012. The show is a blend of romance for young adults and horror , with supernatural and teens in the mix. The show demonstrates the effectiveness of blending genres.

Van Helsing

Damon Salvatore has some pop cultural references that may be interesting to you if you’re an avid lover of. He walked into Elena and Stefan’s bedroom during the initial season and said “I’ll spend my money on some other thing!” While he managed to ease the tension by making a humorous joke, the incident did not appear to distract his brother or Elena as they slept. He urged them to stop having sexual contact, and they exchanging glances. Damon Salvatore will be a permanent part of our lives.

The show also stars Deepak Chopra, who is an Indian alternative medicine practitioner and Count Dracula. The show is humorous however Salvatore is able to humanize vampires to make them more accessible.

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