The Importance of Data Centers in a Digital World



EDC is a top data center supplier in Singapore and we’re excited to see them expand to Southeast Asia. A joint venture together with Warburg Pincus allows them to develop hyper-scale data centers capable of meeting the increasing requirements for processing and storage of data throughout the region. EDC believes they can be able to provide the same performance and service that they are known for in Singapore.

1. What is Evolution Data Centres?

Evolution Data Centres is a data centre development company that is situated in Singapore. The company focuses on the construction of data centers across Southeast Asia. 2. What is Warburg Pincus? Warburg Pincus is a leading global private equity firm. The firm focuses on investments in growth. 3. What’s new about Evolution Data Centres? Evolution Data Centres has announced that it has joined forces with Warburg Pincus in the development of data centres in Southeast Asia. This partnership will enable the business to speed up its growth plans in Southeast Asia. 4.

2. What’s the deal together with Warburg Pincus all about?

Warburg Pincus and Warburg Pincus have formed a joint venture to establish data centers across Southeast Asia. This presents a fantastic chance for the business to increase its presence as well as increase its share of the market in the region. This joint venture allows the business to better meet its customers’ needs better and offer the highest quality service.

A Short Summary

Warburg Pincus has committed $500 million to a joint venture partnership with an Asian-based real estate developer, the New York private equity firm announced on Tuesday. It is the first venture from the $4 billion investment fund that was raised in 2013 to invest in Asia. This investment in real estate is just the latest instance of Warburg Pincus’ continued interest in Asia’s real estate market which has witnessed significant growth over the past few years thanks to strong economic growth and an expanding middle class. Even though Warburg Pincus has had a presence in Asia since more than twenty years, it’s increased its investment across the Asia-Pacific region in recent time.

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