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The acceptance of solar-powered systems has accelerated at a truly unprecedented pace. A few of the recent users of solar technology are adopting renewable power technologies due to worries about the environment’s sustainability however, others have much more urgent and concrete reasons that lead them to go solar like a need to reduce their monthly bills for energy and to safeguard their homes against the ever-changing reliability of their power grid network. There is no matter what motive one has to invest into solar power It can be overwhelming to figure out which solar dealer they can trust when investing in an solar energy system. is an online retail store that is a leader in the DIY solar market. Who are has been in operation since. has grown to become one of the top manufacturers of solar kits despite having a short existence. Even though they’re an unassuming business, their staff is comprised of solar experts who are passionate. It is evident by the passion that’s customer service staff has for the products it sells. ShopSolarKits stands out as a unique company.

ShopSolarKits will make solar easy and affordable for every customer. ShopSolarKits’ unique philosophy – making themselves known as solar teachers and advocates building a true DIY solar community instead of merely an online retailer of solar equipment – could have played an integral factor in the explosive growth. Like any other evolving technology, can seem daunting for people who are just beginning. ShopSolarKits aids in simplifying solar by placing solar products in a bigger picture of solar-related education. provides one-click ordering on solar kits in totality, which make the purchasing process simpler for consumers. These solar kits contain everything a customer needs to build their own fully working solar power system. is a top provider of customer service as well as fast delivery for all solar kits regardless of price or size. In a marketplace that has many manufacturers and retailers located offshore in non-English-speaking countries, it’s hard to find excellent customer support and quick delivery. But, has a clear commitment to affordability that makes them stand out from other sellers. offers pre-packaged solar kits intended to be user-friendly with everything you need to build a solar system. The company also provides numerous instructional resources for customers as well as new customers too.

On, we make it easy for customers to get started building a solar power system by providing a user-friendly and economical package that is able to meet requirements of the customer. Customers are able to choose from various sizes, cost, and power capacities in order to create the perfect energy system using solar. The website also has an Sizing Tool which can assist customers choose the best solar kit for their budget as well as individual needs.


Wherever you are along the path towards sustainability energy independence, provides the equipment and materials you’ll require to make the switch to solar power. The business offers kits already packaged that can be used to produce solar energy and a wealth of education resources to help customers get going. So why not now? is the most convenient starting point towards solar energy.

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