What to eat in Dushanbe – a guide to the city’s culinary delights



Even though Monday could be an ordinary day during the week but it’s surrounded by stunning mountains and glacial lakes can create an entirely different ambience. The capital city of Tajikistan and also the biggest city, Dushanbe, is a magnificent natural wonderland. It is the word that means “Monday” according to Persian, the city is known for its historical Monday market. This area is more than just the memories from its provincial past. The entire country is considered to be one of the most enthralling topography on earth that has more than a quarter of its terrain teetering in the clouds.

Dushanbe is known as the capital city of Tajikistan located in stunning landscapes and stunning natural beauty. Its “roof” for Tajikistan is a place which offers views of amazing mountains in the former USSR. Dushanbe is an area that has made great strides. It began life as an agricultural town situated in Central Asia, but it eventually became the capital city of the Tajik Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.

In the Soviet Union and the civil war in Tajikistan, the city of Dushane witnessed rapid expansion of its industry. The country was able to rebuild and grow over time. Rustami Emomali led Dushane to an enlightened recovery over the last five years, putting it on the top of the travelers’ list. Nowadays, the city is an exceptional blend of tradition as well as a modern vision of architecture and design. Hyatt One of the most prestigious luxury hotel chains, is investing on the city. The future of this area looks promising.

One of Tajikistan’s top sights are The Hissar Citadel located just km from Dushanbe. The newly constructed corner of the citadel is open for visitors to explore the disintegrating baked-earth walls as well as the six-kilometres of fortifications which were rebuilt in the second half of the 19th century. People who are proud to call Dushanbe the home of their families are eager to show the transformation of their city to people around the globe.

The iconic Palace of Nations is located near the Ismoli Somoni statue. It is the first Tajik State settlement of Alexander the Great. The city’s central attraction is striking. As the city was preparing for the country’s Independence Day celebrations, the President Emomali Rahmon inaugurated the Maidoni Istiqlol (or Independence Square) a new public monument. The new square measures hectares and features northern, central and south gates.

This monument, set magnificently at the high point of the city, is adorned with decorative pools. It is within the park that you will discover a variety of ancient objects. Museum of the Complex has items that date to the Stone Age. It has an axe as well as an image of the Greek God Dionysus along with a female earring that looks like the shape of a Sphinx. Further inside stands a symbolic Tajik ruler’s throne made of wood, then coated with gold. On top of it, a golden sceptre has been put in place to signify independence and The revival of Tajikistan.

In summary

In conclusion, the Maidoni Istiqlol is a truly stunning public landmark that represents the strength and resilience of the Tajik people. This is both an honor to the nation’s founding fathers, as well as an ode to its rich and varied history. Its square, which is protected by its central, northern and southern gates, serves as an emblem of Tajikistan’s openness and commitment to stability and peace.

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