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The public has been ecstatic about Santorini’s return to being one of the most sought-after destinations for sea and sport tourism across the world. Tourists can enjoy the unique Aegean perspectives at Fira and Oia and also the brand new and impressive trails for runners, as well as the open-water swimming track, Imerovigli and Akrotiri. Professional and amateur swimmers as well as runners from nations like Brazil, the U.S.A. and Brazil gathered in Santorini during September. A Daedalic core of Thira is a show of culture which was on display during the festival, also attracted the eye of.

Sofia Zacharaki was the Deputy Minister of Tourism. The Minister was Ms. Sofia Kitsou, Head of Culture, and Deputy Mayor of Thira was a visitor to the Daedalic core of Thira. The rare Greek sculpture dating from the 1st century BC It was found through Charalambos Sigalas (Thiraean archaeologist) when he was working on rescue excavations at the burial ground of Thira. The Kore is the main attraction for Thira’s Archaeological Museum of Thira. The world now is able to view the archaic Kore.

Sofia Zacharaki (Deputy Minister of Tourism) was privileged to be traveling to Santorini in September , to witness the resurrection of the Santorini Experience the world-renowned sporting tourism festival. The event is now an important sporting event mixing culture and sports and bringing together athletes from all over the world. The participants were able to visit Naxian white marble. Naxian white marble that is huge in dimensions.

It was an honor to be able to work with to work with the Ministry of Tourism to grant the patronage of Santorini Experience. This event illustrates how popular tourist destinations are able to diversify their offerings and provide higher quality choices to visitors. Since they serve as a reference place to Greece and the world, this aligns with our mission to promote activities that encourage the sport and cultural tourism of Greece.

Antonios Sigalas, the Mayor of Thira stated the city of Thira Greece and Greece by the success of tourism this year have proven that they are capable of not just resolving world crises, but also exceeding expectations. Tourism’s future is healthy, balanced and focused on quality. Institutions such as the Santorini have played a crucial part in this.

It was an exciting surprise to learn that the Half Marathon is named after the Daedalic Core in Thira. It was a pleasure to be able to accompany the team of Ms. Zacharaki (Deputy Minister of Tourism) during the visit today to the Santorini Archaeological Museum. The Thira Municipality puts a lot of emphasis on tourism, but also on culture. The investment plan has been awarded support by the Ministry of Culture once more. This will allow the museum to continue to be the most frequented of Thira’s tourist destinations.


The article concludes that Greece as well as the Greeks can meet expectations and getting through global crises. This is a good sign for the future of Greece’s tourism that is geared towards being healthy, sustainable and balanced.

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