Why Is News Contributed In A Different Way?



News is anything that was not known before or present events aired over the television, radio, internet or in local print media. For instance an example of news is a newly married couple announcing their wedding over the television. However, this is not always the case and one has to exercise great care while choosing to look for news. When you look for news, you have to keep your mind open for all the facts and the unbiased viewpoint of the news reporters. It is better to trust news only when you are sure of the source and then you can proceed further with your research.

News as we know it today began with the mass medium of print media, newspapers. Then gradually the popularity of television and radio started increasing and gradually news spread all over the world. Now days it has become one of the most popular modes of communication and it reaches almost everyone in some way or the other. The main objective of the mass media is to create awareness about some major issue or subject so that public opinion can be crystallized and then an effective decision can be taken.

News makes one way communication possible and it is also a very good teacher. It teaches us something about how things work and helps us to develop our attitude for better efficiency and productivity. News is a form of communication and, if properly managed can be a very good teacher. For example if you want to improve your sales and delivery system then you cannot just wait around and watch your sales figures grow haphazardly but you need to take steps for ensuring maximum efficiency. A good example is that if you want to improve your human resource department then you cannot just make promises to people that you will fulfill but you have to ensure maximum effectiveness by monitoring the actions that you take to achieve your targets.

News also teaches us the importance of local news and community reporting. For instance if a plane crashes near your locality then the local media will make sure that you get the news from different sources. This means that you get different interpretations of the same story because the different media are covering the event in their own way. Newspapers and television channels are not the only ones that publish local news. They also pass on this information to the public through various mediums.

With the advent of new media outlets like the internet, social media and mobile phone penetration, the scope of news has also widened beyond what newspapers, television and radio stations can cover. The new media outlets bring news sources from all over the world and they help in creating a global consciousness amongst the general public. News thus has become a very important commodity in today’s digital era.

As discussed earlier there are several ways through which news can be disseminated and it has become imperative that we understand the different ways through which news reaches us. The main medium through which news gets distributed is television and newspaper. Newspapers and television news reports are made available to the public through various channels. So next time you hear some news, make sure that you check out its source so that you can make the necessary interpretation of the same.

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