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How UT Martin Rifle Player Petersen Prepped for Career-Best Air Rifle Score



Victoria Petersen is the UT Martin rifle player who has been achieving career-best Air rifle score. She led the Owls to victory over UAB at Great American Rifle Conference. She also scored the highest score in air rifle of all time.

UT Martin’s Joey Kovach leads UT Martin with a smallbore and air rifle

It’s not easy to state that it is certain that the University of Tennessee at Martin rifle squad is the icing on the cake in the air smallbore department and the rifle, however, they’re definitely at the top. In particular senior Joey Kovach has led the for both discipline. Kovach has scored more points in smallbore , than the rest of the field combined, and set a new all-time high for his air rifle. Also, he became the third Skyhawk to be the leader of the Skyhawks in total scoring. This isn’t something that is easy to achieve even when the opposition is very competitive.

The four-day series concluded at Morehead State Saturday by the rifle team from UT Martin. Some of the most prominent name in air rifle and smallbore took part in the contest. Team members scored 4,671 points. The team scored 4 624 points against Ole Miss. The most remarkable number was 2305 points, which the team achieved in smallbore. It’s an increase of 16 points over they scored in their most successful smallbore match at Arkansas-LittleRock on the 16th of Oct. 16.

While it is true that the University of Tennessee at Martin rifle squad is not popular in matches, they’re an impressive force. They’ll wrap up the season with JSU Invitational. JSU Invitational in Jacksonville, Ala. On November 18 and 19.

U.T. Martin’s Victoria Petersen collects career-high air rifle score vs UAB

After a stellar performance The University of Tennessee at Martin rifle squad closed their fall campaign. The team won for the second time in succession at the JSU Invitational and also scored an all-time record of 2,317 air rifle point score. UT Martin will be continuing to battle the University of Alabama at Birmingham between January 22 and 23. This event also showcased North Georgia, Murray State and UT Martin.

UT Martin compiled 4,567 total points. This was a program record. Jesse Chamberlain and Jeffrey Bourassa were part of the Skyhawks top scorers. They were all in the air rifle department. They all had career-best scores. Emily Faught, another Skyhawk is a pro at smallbore . She also broke the record set by the school. Faught scored a record-breaking 597. That was more than the previous record of 585. As a result of her work, she received academic All-Big Ten honors and a position on the Tom Osborne Citizenship Team.

Victoria Petersen also set new personal records in the area of air rifles. She getting 581 against UAB. Her first appearance in this event as she competed on a combined team with Abigail Donald. Alayna Walther, Rachel Sprague and Rachel Sprague all broke records during their career in the smaller bore section. The 569 and 569 points respectively put them in the fifth and sixth slot.

The Great American Rifle Association’s seventh place finish sees the Skyhawks of NC State placed 7th

The NC State rifle team finished seventh at the Great American Rifle Conference Championships with a score of 4667 points. The Wolfpack also placed in the top three in smallbore. Junior John Peterson leading the way by scoring 581 points. Air rifles were another noteworthy accomplishment. Junior Addy Burrow took the top spot in the initial day’s competition with 590 points. This was the Skyhawks’ first try at having a member of their team shoot a gold medal.

NC State finished its season by winning 8 times. This school record is set. It also snapped a 45 game losing streak in the road as well as set new records. The year ended with four road victories that was higher than previously. Also, it won a school record seven Conference wins.

In the normal signing time during the regular signing period, the Skyhawks received 32 commitments. The Skyhawks were also able to sign one quarterback five wide receivers, three linebackers and three tight ends. It was the first time the school had received such a high number of incoming freshmen. The Skyhawks had six offensive linemen selected, as well as four defensive linemen and three running backs. As a result, the Skyhawks finished with a stout lineup.

OVC is a proud partner of many championships in national sports such as track, football and golf. Furthermore, the OVC has sponsored golf, volleyball beach volleyball track.

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Team Development: Crafting High-Impact Teams in Today’s Dynamic Workplace

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Fostering a Culture of Trust and Respect

The bedrock of any high-performing team is a culture of trust and respect. Our team development programs emphasize the creation of an environment where trust flourishes, facilitating open dialogue, mutual respect, and a genuine appreciation for the diversity of thought and experience each member brings to the table.

Streamlining Communication for Efficiency

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A clear understanding of individual roles within the team context is essential for accountability and performance. Our team development strategies include role-definition workshops and alignment activities that ensure every team member knows their responsibilities and how they contribute to the team’s overall goals.

Encouraging Innovation through Collaboration

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Why is personal development crucial for entrepreneurs? The answer lies in the very nature of entrepreneurship itself. Starting and running a business requires more than just industry knowledge or business acumen; it demands a profound understanding of oneself, the ability to manage emotions, and the capacity to inspire and lead others.

The Entrepreneur’s Journey: Embracing Personal Development for Business Success Embracing Change and Uncertainty

One of the first lessons in personal development for entrepreneurs is learning to embrace change and uncertainty. In a landscape where market dynamics can shift overnight, the ability to adapt and remain flexible is invaluable. It’s not just about surviving; it’s about thriving by turning challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Resilience: The Backbone of Entrepreneurship

Resilience is another key attribute fostered through personal development. The road to business success is often littered with setbacks and failures. Building resilience helps entrepreneurs bounce back stronger, armed with lessons learned from every misstep. It’s about cultivating a mindset that views failure not as a deterrent but as a stepping stone towards achieving your goals.

Leadership: Inspiring Action and Vision

Leadership is at the heart of entrepreneurship. Developing strong leadership skills enables you to inspire and motivate your team, driving your business towards its vision. Personal development in leadership encompasses understanding your leadership style, improving communication skills, and learning how to manage diverse teams effectively.

Continuous Learning and Growth

The entrepreneurial journey is a continuous learning process. Personal development encourages a mindset of perpetual growth, urging entrepreneurs to seek new knowledge, skills, and experiences. This not only applies to business strategies but also to personal growth areas such as emotional intelligence, time management, and stress management.


At RABASON, we believe that personal development is integral to entrepreneurial success. It’s about building a solid foundation upon which your business can grow and flourish. By focusing on personal growth, you not only enhance your own life but also contribute positively to those around you, leading by example and inspiring a culture of continuous improvement.

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Creating a Culture of Collaboration

Collaboration is the heartbeat of effective team building. It’s about creating a culture where every voice is heard, and every idea is valued. Jeff Robertson’s coaching methodologies are designed to instill a collaborative mindset, where team members are encouraged to share their thoughts and solutions openly. This environment of inclusivity not only enhances creativity but also accelerates problem-solving, driving the team towards shared goals with increased vigor and unity.

Leadership Development: The Cornerstone of Team Success

Leadership plays a pivotal role in the dynamics of team building. Effective leaders are those who can inspire, guide, and motivate their teams towards achieving excellence. Through Jeff Robertson’s coaching programs, leaders are equipped with the tools and insights necessary to cultivate a leadership style that is both empowering and empathetic. By focusing on leadership development, Jeff Robertson Coaching ensures that teams are not just well-led but are also more resilient, adaptable, and aligned with their core objectives.

Nurturing Trust and Transparency

At the foundation of every strong team lies trust. It’s the element that enables individuals to work together harmoniously and take collective risks with confidence. Jeff Robertson’s coaching sessions place a significant emphasis on building trust and transparency within teams. Through various exercises and discussions, team members learn to communicate effectively, appreciate each other’s strengths, and support one another in times of challenge. This foundation of trust is crucial for fostering an environment where innovation and growth can thrive.

The Tangible Benefits of Team Building

The impact of effective team building is profound and far-reaching. Teams that engage in Jeff Robertson’s coaching experience a remarkable transformation. They report not just improved productivity and efficiency but also a stronger sense of camaraderie and job satisfaction. These teams are better positioned to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

In conclusion, team building is an essential ingredient in the recipe for organizational success. With Jeff Robertson Coaching, teams have access to a goldmine of resources and expertise designed to unlock their full potential. Whether it’s through enhancing collaboration, developing leadership, or building trust, the journey towards becoming a high-performing team is both rewarding and transformative.

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