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The Challenges of Technology Adoption in Higher Education



As technology adoption continues to increase in higher education, there is a growing demand for innovative ways to provide educational experiences and opportunities. For many students and faculty members, this means using new technologies to improve learning and engage with one another. As digital worlds merge, it is important that colleges and universities consider how they will adapt in order to meet the needs of their students and employees.

Higher Education Is on the Verge of a New Era.

As students and professionals increasingly rely on digital tools for learning, the future of higher education looks bright. For many educators, this shift is a welcome change that will help to improve student engagement and create a more engaging learning experience.Technology has already had a significant impact on higher education, with online courses and online textbooks becoming popular options in recent years. This trend is only set to continue as more and more institutions begin to embrace technology as a way of teaching and learning.In addition, technological advancements are also being used to create innovative ways of studying. For example, various software programs can be used to study for exams or explore course content online. As these technologies continue to develop, it is likely that they will even further affect how students learn and how universities operate.

What the Future of Higher education looks like

Subsection 1.3 The Impact of Technology on Higher Education – What We Know So Far.According to a report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM), the future of higher education looks bright indeed. In fact, technology adoption has already had a significant impact on higher education – both in terms of student engagement and in terms of how institutions are using technology to teach and learn.Despite some concerns over their potential negative effects (such as increased workloads), many academics believe that digital tools play an essential role in helping students achieve their educational goals. In fact, according to NASEM’s report, technology adoption across different types of institutions is growing at an unprecedented rate – meaning that there’s no doubt that the field of higher education is going through an exciting period of growth。What’s more, despite some challenges (e.g., high workloads), many experts believe that digital tools offer opportunities for schools to improve student achievement while reducing costs associated with traditional methods of instruction..

How to Adopt the Future of Higher Education.

As technology continues to evolve, more and more students and faculty are looking for ways to save time and money while attending university. Many schools arenow using digital tools to improve student experience, increase efficiency in teaching, and provide other benefits. To find out how your school is utilizing technology in higher education, visit the websites of various colleges or universities. You can also attend a conference that focuses on this topic to gain a better understanding of what different institutions are doing.

Get ahead of the Technology Wave

Many Schools Are Now Using Digital Tools To Improve Student Experience, Increase Efficiency In Teaching, And Provide Other Benefits.To stay ahead of the curve, many colleges and universities are now using digital tools to improve student experience. For example, many schools are now using websites like Google Earth or Facebook to visualize course material in real time. Additionally, many schools arenow providing software that helps professors create more interactive learning environments for students. By utilizing technology in a way that is helpful and empowering for students, you can help ensure that they have an enjoyable experience at university.

Get the most out of Technology in Higher Education

Many Schools Are Now Using Digital Tools To Visualize Course Material In Real Time, Provide Interactive Learning Environments, And Help professors Create More Interactive Learning Environments.By utilizing technology in a way that is helpful and empowering for students, you can help ensure that they have an enjoyable experience at university. Many colleges and universities are using various forms of technology to provide various benefits such as:- Online classes: With online courses, you can watch lectures or take exams anywhere you have internet access. This type of course allows students to learn at their own pace without having to leave the comfort of their home or office.- Phone classes: Many institutions now offer phone-based classes which allow students to attend lectures from anywhere they have a phone connection (even if they’re not located within the same city). This type of class allows students to attend lectures even when they’re not available for class because their professor can call them up during any time period he or she chooses.- Virtual reality: Virtual reality has become increasingly popular among college students as it provides a realistic experience that helps promote critical thinking skills and understanding concepts. By using virtual reality equipment in your classroom, you can teaching important aspects of your subject matter while also giving your audience a sense of presence in the classroom which may be valuable for engaging with your class audience on a personal level.

How to Adopt theFuture of Higher Education.

The future of higher education is digital. As students and faculty increasingly learn and work digitally, they expect universities to adapt and improve their teaching and learning processes. To meet this challenge, universities need to adopt technology in order to provide an improved experience for all students and staff.Many technologies have already been put into use by university administrators in order to improve the teaching process. For example, mobile devices allow professors to keep a student’s progress tracked, as well as connect with students through social media platforms. Additionally, online courses can be accessed from anywhere without having to leave the comfort of one’s home or office.In order to best serve students and faculty, universities must also adopts new technologies that are more efficient and effective. For example, online lectures can be streamed live or listened to offline so that students can get the most out of their coursework. This way, professors can focus on providing quality instruction rather thanamsitting for long hours online only to complete small tasks later on in the day.In addition, many universities are using technology in order to make higher education more affordable for everyone involved. For example, some campuses are offering free parking or discounted rates on tuition fees when you sign up for a course via email or website. In addition, many colleges are offering gift cards that can be used at any participating store in the college system. By making changes such as these, universities are trying to help promote affordability while still providing high-quality instruction.”


Higher education is on the verge of a new era. With technology becoming more and more prevalent in the world, colleges and universities are finding ways to use technology in order to improve learning, efficiency, and affordability. If you’re looking to adopt the future of higher education, it’s important to understand how technology is affecting each step of the process. By using technology to improve learning, increase efficiency, and make higher education more affordable, you’ll be able to adapt and stay ahead of the curve.

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What Makes Basis Technologies an Employer of Choice in the Windy City?



It is essential to understand the culture and work conditions for which you’ll work within a firm before applying for any position. Fortunately, there are a lot of options available for you to choose from, which means you’ll be able to locate a business that is the best fit to your needs. This article will explain the various benefits and ranges of pay you might expect.

Salary variation

Basis Technologies is a cloud-based technology provider for workflow automation. The company has a good reputation as they provide enterprise-class business intelligence tools. The business was started in 1995 but is now home to nearly 100 staff since. The innovative software it uses is a major reason for its success.

They even have an PTO policy, which is a crucial part of any benefits package. The company has also been recognized by Ad Age as a Best Employer within the Bay Area for the past two years. It’s easy to see the reason. There are many open positions available with a great workplace culture, and a decent bags of swag.

Company culture

If you look into the corporate culture of Basis Technologies, you will notice that they focus on continual development and innovating. Basis Technologies supplies tools and software to help users achieve success with digital marketing. The SaaS platform allows marketers to develop and run profitable campaigns. They also provide professional as well as individual development to their employees. The culture of their workplace has earned many awards.

Employees are allowed to take three weeks off from work and receive free screenings and HSA financing. The company also offers parents’ vacation time. There are a variety of roles to choose from as well as a range of pay levels.

The company was recognized in Crain’s Business Chicago as a Best Place to Work. The company is also listed on Ad Age’s Top 100 Workplaces.

Conditions to work

Basis Technologies is one of Chicago’s finest workplaces. It has received numerous honors for its environment and work environment. Basis Technologies, one of the largest makers of software globally will make life simpler. The company offers a comprehensive variety of benefits such as paid 3 weeks sabbaticals and wellness and health screenings, and the program 401 (k) as well as HSA matching plans to name a few.

Even though the company’s technological products have gained a lot of attention, its main benefit is its staff. The company is based in Chicago and offers high-paying salary, competitive benefits, and an environment that challenges employees to strive to achieve their highest.


Basis Technologies offers many benefits to employees. Competitive benefits packages are one of these. The benefits include 401(k) match and paid time off as well as health insurance.

You can also take advantage of both personal and professional growth opportunities. The company provides tuition aid to employees with a qualifying score. The wellness checks for employees are offered for free, as well as three-week sabbaticals. Additionally, there are a variety of job opportunities for freelancers looking to work for Basis.

The firm has a significant presence throughout North America, Europe, and South America. The range of products offered by the company has been expanded in support advanced software development practices. It has also received numerous awards for its commitment to its employees.

Training opportunities

Basis Technologies offers a variety of learning options as well as competitive benefits. The employees have a variety of options to develop new skills in all aspects, from practical to technical. It will improve satisfaction as well as help enhance their performance at work.

The company offers several interesting services, like its cloud-based workflow automation and the business intelligence platform saas. These software solutions can standardize processes in the business and give actionable data-driven insights to enhance efficiency, profit and operational efficiency. Aside from the software, Basis Technologies offers a 401(k) match, as well as three-week time off.

They also have unrestricted flexibility and can access screenings for health. Basis Technology also offers tuition assistance , as well as employees with an HSA.

Review of company

Basis Technologies could be the ideal place to start If you are looking to venture into the world of digital marketing. Basis Technologies is a technology company that allows users to build and optimise campaigns for different platforms. The software can be utilized on smartphones, tablets, desktops connected TV and audio, as well as search engines and video. They help companies improve their performance in marketing.

It is the ROI tool is an extremely useful tool offered free of charge by Basis. Users can use it to unravel crucial log files from operating systems. It comes with a variety of features including the ability geofence certain regions and find clues by using smartphones. It also allows you to find patterns across various types of file.

However, this is only one tool that Basis provides. Many of these offer free health screenings for employees.

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5 Strategies for Equipping Teachers to Facilitate Difficult Conversations on Social Justice Topics



The subject of the value of K-curricula in promoting social justice continues to generate great curiosity. Despite beliefs that make social justice education in the classroom optional is beneficial however, we recognize the possibility that it could harm students from marginalized society. Those who have experienced being marginalized in school. This is why we have put together a list lessons that are free for social justice and resources for classrooms as a way to help those working towards addressing the issues. This list is only guidelines. Anyone can find additional tools to aid them in their way to becoming more inclusive.

Teachers and administrators are encouraged to utilize GLSEN Education Resource as well as the Zinn Education Project for valuable knowledge about social justice issues in the classroom. It is the Zinn Education Project provides a assortment of materials for teaching including workshops, curricula, and workshops relevant to “people’s historical” issues, like climate change, Islamophobia, the labor movement and the New Deal, and antiwar protests, among other. More than that, teachers have been involved in the project’s training programs since it was first launched and have been provided with tools to develop their own courses and submit articles for publication. The project offers a variety of instructional materials for use in the classroom.

Are you aware that body appearance is a critical concern for social justice? Explore Body Happy Org’s website to gain more understanding about how how we feel about our bodies affects our mental health. Their site states “Body image issues don’t only influence the participation of youngsters in the classroom and activities, they also impact whether or not they attend them at all.” Click this link to see lesson plans that you can use for class. Also, visit their websites to read more about the ‘Acres and A Mule (multimedia role-play)’ and view other videos and tracks.

The international platform Kindergarten serves kids and their families in addition to early childhood educators and institutions. Kindergarten is a platform that promotes the rights of trans, black and gay people in education. Visit the page above for reading alouds and poems along with workshops as well as mutual aid shops. Additionally, they offer daily words especially designed specifically for children and young people. Additionally, they provide tools such as Woke Read-Alouds (via video) and Gender Inclusion Classrooms and Gender Inclusion Classrooms. Both are essential issues in education during recent times with regards to the rights of LGBTQ+ students in schools.

A Rainbow Club at your school is a great resource to find definitions, school-wide checklists that are inclusive, and additional websites to enhance LGBTQ+ inclusion and equity. You might also be interested in Queer Kid Stuff’s Youtube channel. If you want to know the best way to start clubs, refer to the Teaching Guide created through Teaching for Change, which will provide parents and teachers with important tools to help create an educational space that empowers learners to write, read and change the world at the same time as making connection to issues in the world.

As global citizens, we are in a position to help create an atmosphere of inclusivity in the classroom. To achieve this goal, Anti-Bias Education provides a diverse collection of resources for educators, including articles and book recommendations. Facing History & Ourselves also has trainings available for schools, as well as a network made up of partner schools, as well as training and assistance for administrators and teachers. They are specifically designed for the particular needs of each school’s community, from pedagogical theory to subject-specific content. Go to their site for more details on how you can bring Facing History & Ourselves into your school.


To conclude, the Rainbow Club at your school can be a great tool for helping to promote LGBTQ+ inclusion and equity in the school system. Queer Kid Stuff’s Youtube channel provides valuable education and information. Its Teaching Guide by Teaching for Change provides parents and teachers with the tools they need to create an setting that motivates children to be aware of current problems and to connect with these issues. Students will be empowered by their experiences to build a welcoming school culture by following the guidance.

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Creating a Meaningful Lunar New Year Meal with Family Recipes



The weekend of this week will see hundreds of thousands of people throughout Asia and across the world Asian diaspora mark the beginning of Lunar New Year celebrations. It marks the end of the Zodiac Year of the Tiger as well as the start of the Year of the Rabbit or Cat for the Vietnamese. The opening days of this holiday usually bring an ebb in the commercial activity since families come together. The majority of Chinese workers from abroad feel that this will be the last time they can travel home to China. The custom has its roots in the past and emphasizes importance of family ties.

Lunar New Year, as Chinese Malaysians, is a chance to protect and carry on the traditional Chinese customs for future generations. Daniel Lee Lih Wei is a father of two, hails from Klang. He lives in a nearby suburb of Kuala Lumpur’s Sunway University, where he manages research. “I want to introduce my children to our diverse tradition and culture so that they can utilize these experiences in their lifetime travels,” he adds. “It is about providing an opportunity to expose them and instilling memories that I am privileged to have.

Lee Lih Wei as a father is conscious of how important it is to help instill culture tradition in his 4 year-old and one-year-old children. So, he’s arranged several celebrations during the build-up to the New Year that will allow children to take part in various activities such as playing with firecrackers, enjoying cookies and witnessing traditional lion dances in elaborate colourful costumes. These shows, which are performed across the nation, symbolise good fortune and luck. Lee Lih Wei plans to be off from work for a week and wear coordinating red outfits for his family for the two-day reunion. He is also expecting significant gifts from his grandparents in order to bless his kids.

Last year, Wen Xu experienced disruption when she was planning to travel to her hometown in a small Anhui county because of Covidrestriction; however this time, the -year-old has been successful in making it via Hong Kong, where she recently moved to work as a reporter. Recent developments in China have made this possible. In December, China’s government ended its non-covid policy. Xu, therefore, is one of the millions that were able to see their families on the day of the Lunar New Year. Lee Lih Wei says that the new technology means they’ll eat lunch with their wives and eating dinner with their families.

Xu is thrilled to see her family reunited after New Year’s Eve celebrations with her uncle, aunt and her cousin. The three of them will travel from a distant town. Xu will host a reunion dinner containing classic family meals like steaming pork cooked with rice flour and bone broth in order to be the first to welcome guests. Xu can catch up with her cousin after the return of her Canadian cousin during this time of relaxing eating, catching up and sharing meals. Xu also plans to record her mother making ejiao, an ancient Chinese meal. Xu together with her cousin as well as the other childhood friends of theirs would be looking forward to such special reunions with great enthusiasm.

My cousin and I annually enjoy a meal with each other and climb up the stairs to take a look at the amount we obtained in the form of customary red envelopes from our older family members. It is said that, even when we’re grown up and have children, she still receives red envelopes. It’s a bit sad in this particular year, as her grandfather is suffering from COVID and does not have the ability to attend dinner with them because he has to stay in his 3rd-floor bedroom and is fitted with an oxygen unit. Xu has been successful in her professional career during the Year of the Tiger, however she was unable to settle down in relationship issues. She hopes for the next year is to meet an individual who is special to her.


The upcoming reunion dinner will be a memorable occasion for Xu as well as her family. They will not only have the opportunity to meet Xu’s long-distance cousin and enjoy traditional family dishes as well, they’ll also participate in an important event that provides them with the chance to experience the ancient lifestyles that their grandparents used for centuries. Xu’s family will cherish this holiday season as it reminds them of their common history, culture and bond of love.

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