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How to find your new best friend with readers and writers



Children sleep more when the days get shorter. Here’s a selection of books of both genres to aid in the transition to summer. Fiction (picture books) Nicole Helget’s “Be Good, Peanut Butter”, illustrated by Erin McClean, River Horse Children’s Books priced at 1$. Minnesotan Helget is an author of kids and adults. He is a resident of the Minnesota farm, and is an advisor and manuscript coach.

He’s curious and hungry and so, he sets off to seek adventure. Plus, he gets acquaintances. He is aware that his day is almost over and has to hurry back to the house in order to collect his children. McClean has a background as an artist and is based within Northern Ireland. She loves drawing cute and lively charactersand blend traditional colors and textures in her work. Renee Bolla’s “Finding Bunny” Illustrations of Jess Bircham. (Independently published. The cost is $.

Elle is very close to Bunny her closest Bunny’s best friend. However, when Mom is away, and Dad is in charge, Bunny’s absent. When Elle is about to weep, Mom returns home and takes Bunny out of the washing machine. Bolla is a writer from Minneapolis is the author of this delightful story that any child who is a fan of toys can be able to relate to. Bolla is a writer from Minneapolis has quit her position as an executive in retail to follow her dream of becoming a self-published writer. The books she writes are for her children. The illustrations are easy and clear, which makes the books suitable for young children.

Matty Caron’s debut novel “Finding Bunny” is a unique story which was inspired by his own experiences. The book is dedicated to David Hietpas’s memories. The story follows a small child who is afraid of the dark. The story follows him in a journey with a daisy and a mushroom, as well as an eagle as well as a Wolf. This isn’t an easy tale, but children should find it easy to connect with the main character’s victories and struggle.

The artworks of Bill Tierney are appropriate for kids who are in the age of kindergarten. They’re very similar to photos. Allison Wood illustrated “Sprinkles” written by Samuel Waddle. Independently published by the publisher for $. hardcover, $. Paperback is a beautiful story about Julia and her dad walking into the bakery to pick up doughnuts prior to when Grandma is due to arrive. Julia is able to pick her favorite doughnut from the bakery and chooses “the pretty, pink, sprinkled beautiful” one. Julia eats her treat at home , and sprinkles are all over the place.

Wood is an elementary English Learner Teacher at St. Paul Public Schools. The book’s humorous tone is enhanced by the images. Minneapolis’ Free Spirit Publishing is an imprint of Teacher Created Materials, is the most renowned publisher of tools for education that support the development of social and emotional skills in children. The mission was accomplished by the release of three ($.-$.free Spirit titles. The latest book of the series is “You Are Wondering All The Time,” which Deborah Farmer Kris is a specialist in child development who wrote the book, and drawn with Jennifer Zivoin.

All of us can learn from one another.

The artwork of Bill Tierney is suitable for kids who are in the age of kindergarten. They’re very similar to photos. Allison Wood illustrated “Sprinkles” written by Samuel Waddle. Independently published by the publisher for $. hardcover, $. Paperback: This beautiful book recounts the story of Julia and her dad and the trip to the bakery for picking doughnuts for breakfast prior to when Grandma is due to arrive. Julia is able to pick her doughnut from the bakery and chooses the “pretty and pink” one. Julia eats her treat at home , and sprinkles are all over the place.

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The difference between a good and bad agent



This is a listing of top-rated literary agents that are there to assist you with finding an opportunity. Agents from this list represent a broad range of genres and categories and you ought to be able to identify one who is a good fit to the work you’re doing.

It’s often difficult to determine which agents are truly seeking new writers , and which are not able to examine proposals. Literary agents are the gatekeepers. They select only top-quality material and submit it to production houses or publishing houses for review. These editors are usually overwhelmed and don’t take the time to look over every submission. Agents play an essential role in this situation by representing writers and marketing their work. If you’re selling novels, you may need to have an agent.

The Case Walker Literary Agency presents more than its clients who are % nonfiction books and % novels. Seeking new and established writers, the agency is particularly interested in fiction that falls into the following categories: ethnic, experimental, family saga, feminist, gay/lesbian, glitz, hi-lo, historical, humor/satire, literary, mainstream/contemporary, multicultural, multimedia, mystery/suspense, regional, short story collections, spiritual, translation, young adult, women’s.

In order to become an agent Ms. LeBaigue has worked with Sony Pictures and Warner. She is interested in sign, biography/autobiography, cooking/foods/nutrition, crafts/hobbies, current affairs ethnic/cultural interests, gay/lesbian issues, government/politics/law, how-to, interior design/decorating, memoirs, nature/environment, photography, popular culture, science/technology, sociology, sports, true crime/investigative, women’s issues/studies. Fiction areas of interest: action/adventure, feminist, gay/lesbian, literary, mainstream/contemporary, mystery/suspense, thriller, women’s, Southern voices.

Prior to her present position she was. Ferrari Adler worked for Sobel Weber Associates. Ms. Ferrari-Adler specializes in the genres of literary fiction, narrative fiction, and commercial fiction. Other areas of nonfiction interest for her are memoirs, history recipes for women and the study of culture. Winifred Golden is always seeking suspense and literary fiction or thrillers, as well commercial fiction. The author will be considered for nonfiction when the author has experience and high credentials. Although her interests in nonfiction are diverse but she’s particularly drawn to nonfiction with a narrative as well as medical.

There are a few areas of interest for Richard Brown: nonfiction with faith-based themes as well as short stories, fiction collection, novellas, as well as short stories. They are among his areas of expertise.


This is just a small list of things you need to remember when contacting agents regarding the work you do. Be thorough in your research and professional. Keep your faith in the process. The right agent is out waiting for you. And using the proper effort, you’ll find them.

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Tips for selling gadgets successfully



The cold chain was unserved by modern technology. The market has seen unprecedented shifts over the last couple of years. The process can be improved in efficiency, speed and accuracy by using new technologies. This is not just advantageous for the entire cold chain as well as enhancing the overall experience for the consumer.

A rise in demand for frozen seafood, frozen meat and fish industries will drive the need for cold-chain facilities. Facilities will be in high demand from the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, the development of online shopping platforms for consumers will impact the cold chain market. CRISIL Research predicts that this market is expected to grow between 13-15 percent per annual basis over the next five years.

AI is able to address several of the major issues that cold chain companies face. These include security and the management of inventory. It also offers an entire view of the cold chain. This reduces the need for make assumptions, reduces the risk of accidents and enhances decision making.

The whole ecosystem for cold chain is also dependent upon payments that are automated. These services allow users to conveniently and securely pay for their purchases. These solutions also enable business owners to manage and optimize their supply chains in a more efficient manner. This approach closely mirrors consumers’ experienceand gives businesses means to make secure transactions.

The need for new distribution strategies is to meet the needs in the current marketplace. Mobile autonomous robots will be utilized to improve the efficiency of picking and increase productivity. Automated alerts are also employed to keep the cold chain’s stakeholders aware of crucial information. Alerts are useful for security purposes, or to alert drivers in the case that there is a concern.

With the help of automated technology Cold chains will improve efficiency, precision as well as speed. Artificial Intelligence can be utilized to assist businesses in identifying trends in supply chains. lessen the risk of acquiring goods and avoid dangerous scenarios. The automated systems are also utilized to decrease human errors and increase security. Utilizing robotics for cold chain will continue to increase in the next few years.

The usage of electric and solar-powered vehicles is yet another trend in the cold chain. They reduce the total emissions of supply chains. The vehicles are utilized more frequently in supply chains due to their efficiency in energy use.

To lower energy costs cold chains have to face increased scrutiny. Utilizing advanced energy management techniques they can reduce the use of resources and energy. IoT devices are a great way to improve efficiency. IoT devices will also improve effectiveness by providing business owners with actual time data on the location of products.

IoT devices are used in cold chains to offer more analysis capabilities as well as facilitate better decision-making. Remote access could be made available to these devices for sensitive information such as temperature, product temperature locations, and temperatures. They’re not yet covered by industry-wide regulations. Therefore, cybercriminals could be at the risk of these devices. So, the primary protection to IoT devices is multifactor authentication.

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Where To Find Affordable Christmas Gifts For Everyone On Your List



There’s probably some cash that you can use to purchase holiday presents if you’re careful with your money and keep track of each dollar you earn. The list of gifts you’d like to give can increase, particularly if it involves shopping for relatives such as your parents or siblings, your partners and best buddies, coworkers as well as your brother/sister. You can also add a slightly anxious emoticons here. We’ve tested a variety of products and researched a variety of shopping categories We’re determined to provide a wide range of prices and styles to satisfy every customer. This is our version.

Do you want to find presents for Christmas at an affordable cost? Then you’re in the right spot! We have a wide selection of fantastic presents that cost less than the price of $. There are a variety of options to help you find the perfect gift to suit your needs. The gifts you want can be delivered within a matter of minutes due to Amazon’s two-day shipping. It’s now easier to find the best gifts by sorting presents according to cost. Here are our top picks the best gifts under $1. The electric heated feet warmer costs $ Aromatherapy diffuser, $1. . LED Desk Lamp Price: $.

. This Electric Heated Feet Warmer is an ideal gift for your loved ones. It is the most comfy set of slippers. . Williams Sonoma Classic Solid Personalized Apron $ – Aprons make an ideal present for someone who is passionate about cooking and baking. This Williams Sonoma Classic Solid Personalized Apron comes in various colours to make a unique appearance. . We like cookbooks with stunning photos as well as easy recipes like The Pasta Queen, which costs $1.

This Anthropologie Cozy Coffee Mug is an ideal gift for those who love coffee. Its distinctive design is perfect for cold winter mornings.

. “New phone, what’s the is it?” Chatting Party Game $ The original price was $ for the TP-Link AC WiFi Extender

Put your hands inside the inserts of gloves and then use them to warm the pans. Amazon Fire TV Stick and Alexa Voice Remote work with Alexa. The devices provide access to your entire streaming media such as Spotify as well as YouTube. It also enhances your watching experience.


The “New phone, who dis?” messaging game party is a great method to stay in contact with your family and friends. It is a great method to stay in contact with your family and friends. It is a great way to stay connected with family and friends. TP Link AC WiFi Extender will allow you to extend your WiFi range as well as increase the speed of your internet.

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