Tigers starved to make wine from their bones in China.

Chinese Government has been paying no heed to countless voices crying out for the tigers that are being starved to near death conditions so that their bones can be used to make wine. 130 pound petty wine is more important than these tigers, an animal which is already on its last few years before it goes from endangered to extinct.

As shown in the below given news cutting we as great supported and lovers of the wild and nature would like to condemn these acts. The government should take steps to woo in the Chinese government to stop such acts of violence against animals. But Alas we cant protect our own selves and provide protection to people around the globe how can we ever come close to protecting the harmless voiceless animals. All this suffering so that people can enjoy some wine and have their skin as trophies. Sick and inhumane.

QUO7HWV thumb Tigers starved to make wine from their bones in China.

Please spread the news as much as possible. We need your support to spread the news and bring to light the facts about this kind of wine and the governments non commitment to humane and animal friendly laws.