The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

We don’t usually realize this but the mobile phones we use daily which have sneaked up and become the most important part of our daily routines have evolved their design, looks and technology rampantly and have transcended their looks, feel and capabilities in a huge way. Realizing this fact, we have decided to go through and discuss the evolution of phone design both aesthetically and technologically (as much as possible).

The first time mobile phones actually picked up and started selling was back in the start of 90’s. The first phone that ever made it hot was the NEC P3 which was launched in 1990 and remained strong till 1995. We will discuss the evolutions year wise concentrating on some of the most important and trend setting phones of that time.


We don’t remember much from this era as we were also toddlers trying to get a load of things that tasted sweet. I was riding my bicycle around and getting lost in mud slinging on my siblings. We had never seen a mobile phone but this is ( Motorola Dynatac 8000X )  what our ancestors used throughout the 80’s. Looks like a device used to call in airstrikes during war period.

Motorola Dynatac 8000X

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

1990 – 1994 :

Back then few people had mobile phones, the ones who did carry one were considered bad ass rich. It was a part of the bling bling and people would carry them around trying to show of their power. Contrasting from today the phones looked more like a killing weapon and ugly like hell but they were what you may call the Thang!! back then.

NEC P3 was the hugest and the best bad ass Mobile Phone available. Made in Japan If you owned one you were considered top of the line. It was designer stuff for those people. I still have one lying around in the attic and even the rodents don’t want it around. Very straight edgy looks that aren’t up to date in any way.


NEC P3 Mobile Phone thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

The phone has been known to fall 3 or 4 stories from a building but still survive with some damages. We must say this isn’t designer at all. Compared to the Cars of yesterday this really is ancient. Its like they never thought about the aesthetics for a thing you are supposed to carry around all day long. Anyways the situation starts getting better here onwards, slowly but surely.



phones did start making more sense by this time. They were starting to get some curves and had some sense put back into them. Motorola 8200 was the first flip phone that came into business during this time. The antenna was still outside the body but was shorter and wouldn’t tear your pants off while you moved it in and out of your pockets. As you can see below the buttons made more sense, the screen got smaller but better and the size reduced. With the Motorola 8200 it all started to get a little snazzy. Motorola will move on with this experience to launch Motorola Razr in the future which would change a lot for the mobile phone industry.

Motorola 8200:

motorola 8200 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).




in 1996 Nokia had become talk of the town. A Finland based company, it was known of pretty less back then but it had a good product base. They had been selling phones like crazy before but with Nokia 2110 they hit the next level. With a much more powerful antenna, a dot matrix screen and a small yet slick antenna this was an affordable phone that made a lot of sense. It was also one tough machine that was ready to take all the beating yet stand the test of time. Nokia’s branded ringtone which is one of the most known sound in the world debuted with the Nokia 2110. Nokia’s are known to be one tough bastards and this phone played a big part in setting such good precedent.

Nokia 2110:

Nokia 2110 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

Another great phone of that time was the Motorola StartTac which supported a clamshell. It was small but came with a huge price tag of $1000 which kept it sales lower than expected. But this was really the beginning of great phones to come. We had the curves, the shorter Antennas and better screens paving way for phones that became part of your daily lives like never before.

Motorola StarTaC:

Startac thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).


Brace yourself because the year of the smartphone arrived. the first ever smartphones as we call them started arriving in this year. They were smart, trendy and had sliding parts that made them all the more cool. on top of that they were executive class and made to look good when carried around. Nokia 9000 Communicators that were driven by state of the art 80 MHZ Intel 386 processors stormed the markets and our hearts. They were top of the line and were used in the movie matrix as well. Anyone who had one of these babies was supposed to be cool like hell. The big screen, awesome features and the laptop like opening sequence just made them a killer. If you were bound to have one of these it was said that you were successful. We salute Nokia for bringing design sense and aesthetics to our daily routine with these.

Nokia Communicator Series:

dkmb86g 464vq4vd4hp b thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).


By this time consumer had made it clear that their priorities were size, look and performance. The companies understood and wanted to embrace this demand. All engineers and designers got busy to solve this problem and with the powers combined i.e. Brains and Aesthetics this huge baby came in: the Nokia 9110i Communicator. It looked beautiful and made lots of sense. With all its functionalities and beauty it had an internal antenna. This was technological wonder and was welcomed with open hands, mind and pockets.

Nokia 9110i Communicator

Nokia 9110i thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

For the poor and weak (seriously), or you can say for the people like us there were some side products like the Nokia 5110. We weren’t big fans but hey it called and had snake. Yea and its ringtone was loud enough to get you kicked out of a cinema for disturbing the environment. We had some fun memories with this baby. Not the best of the lot but had round edges which we loved and was much smaller in size.

Nokia 5110:

Nokia 5110 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).


much happened around 1999. We got our man hair everywhere, oh I guess we are going off topic now. Anyways another good year. Some of the most trend setting, and demand inducing phones were out. Mobile packages and cell phone service cost was reducing and parents were getting scared for their children around the world. Companies understood that kids had smaller pockets and could carry less weight, so they had a similar offering and so came the Nokia 3210 and 8210. The Nokia 3210, released in 1999 it sold well above 15 million that year. It had a simple green screen and admirable looks. It kept everything simple and was the not so trendy. Nokia launched its top of the line feature phone Nokia 8210 for the young and snazzy at heart. It was considered a huge bling because of its affordability, awesomeness and customizable looks and parts. You could change the casing and change its color and look. Everyone loved it and it came with 5 preinstalled games. All looked best and ready to rumble. We didn’t have the money to buy this baby back then but oh yea we really relished at the looks and feel. Even if we got to have one look an oh oh don’t forget one call would be like touching heaven. The sound was clear and the microphone was top of the line. This was next level spaceship stuff.


Nokia 8210 :

The hipper phone with changeable colors and accessories in 1999.

nokia 8210 1 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

Nokia 3210:

The less trendier but awesome phone Nokia 3210.

nokia 3210 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).


Oh yes the Y2K bug stories were over, we didn’t have to believe in all that crap and it was the next century. We were looking for something that would give us artistic orgasms and came with unknown consequences. It was all about hip, smart and sexy. But still the phone business didn’t follow as much. They again started looking towards the technology needs which resulted in some technical developments that really changed a lot. First WAP phone was out, the Nokia 7110. It was good looking if not the best, had sliding features and was internet friendly. Geek’s felt it was a must to have one of these. Did pretty well.

Nokia 7110:


Nokia 7110 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

The benefon ESC or as we like to call it Escape was also out. It was the first phone with a GPS integrated in it. The technical side was getting sexier and the smartphones were just around the block for all the trendsetting developments that took place.

Benefon ESC

Benefon ESC thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

Not a bad looking phone we must say. But yes the underbelly of the sewers of mobile phones was also launched. This phone was more tough than any intestinal worm or parasite out there. It has been dubbed to break walls, open heads and help people pop out their enemies eyes. This phone was called the Nokia 3310. This phone was a hot cake sold more than Angelina Jolie’s Underwear ever would and was loved by men like they love boobs. One of these phones, pin packed never opened sold for millions of dollars in 2011 and it continues to do wonders. We have heard from credible sources that one of these babies is also planned to be sent across galaxies to say “We come in piece but we are one tough assholes” if aliens are ever found. If you have owned one of these mammoths we love you. This phone was particularly popular in Europe and was dubbed as the Nokia 3310 missile shield. Europeans thought this would help them fight against the Russians someday. Putin is shit scared of these, don’t let him know we said this.

NOKIA 3310:

dkmb86g 409gbsm9mcb b thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).


The year in mobile phone design that maybe called as the most useful yet the most ugly. Ericson went blind and never stopped with the production of small compact yet ugly looking phones. But this research in technology helped the involved improvise on the design and come up with slimmer yet more efficient technology. Screen were good, Ringtones sounded richer and the phones were smaller and more fragile. All was good yet ugly.


Ericsson T66 :

This shit was ugly, yet compact and did the job with ample wow factor. Good memory and capabilities with a feel that gave you a rash.

Ericsson T66 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

Ericsson T68:

This looked hideous but was awesome. It had a color screen, yes color screen. I had tears for such a hideous looking monster had become a behemoth in the mobile industry. But all respect to this Piece for making it revolutionary.

Ericsson T68 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

Siemens S45:

A Monotone screen with GPRS capabilities and a massive memory of 360 KB. This was porn of mobile phones. Expensive, compact and up to date. It was like Jenna Jameson had put her hand inside your pockets and ripped out your junk for some nestling and caressing. Ahhh Alas good days.

Siemens S45 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).


2002 was a brutal year for the world. Start of many wars and end of piece in the world. A moment of silence yet no moment of silence for the industry and design improvements that we shall see here onwards. It was a good year, it looks like those two steel birds were enough to knock some sense into the industry. For Phones should be Phones and warriors shall spill blood. the era of brick like phones was coming to an end.

Nokia 7650:

I personally worked 8 hours a day and stole some money from my brothers wallet to get this piece in my hand. I must confessed I jizzed a little. The smooth edges, the snazzy slide effect, the good memory, the awesome camera and the power of a processor that felt like God back then, this was heaven. It was like losing virginity and discovering the wonders of Sex. I made love to this Phone it was so beautiful. The screen was wonderful and the compressed videos ran like wonder. The only problem was no expandability of memory, otherwise I must say this was my dream girlfriend. For it sheer sexiness it was also featured in the Minority Report. That movie was a hit only because of this phone and people bought the ticket to have a look at this piece magnificent!!!

Nokia 7650 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

2002 was here and the mobile industry and its artistic design improvements were to stay. Mobile industry started hiring big designer names ranging from architects, fashion designers, interior designer to painters and fabric lovers. they were bringing synergy to the work of many and making it all less clunky and more attractive for us. Nokia was at the forefront and others were following.

Mom’s always have a phone that attracts to them. These days its usually an iPhone for its simplicity but in 2002 all moms and not so techy dads preferred a Nokia 6100. I would be kidding if my mom still hasn’t used this baby once or twice when she accidentally gets into trouble with her default phone. These babies were dependable, sleek, simple and worthy of use. I adored this phone for its light weight and simple usage.

Nokia 6100:

dkmb86g 416fjjxxqfw b thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).


Nokia was still the king. It defined the cell phone market and Finish government was earning pretty good by taxing its home grown Mobile Phone manufacturer. Nokia was opening offices around the world and had found a budding / growing Asian market. They wanted phones that were tough, could fall through a mine and come out smiling. They wanted a phone that would support them in their daily woes when the government decided they didn’t need electricity at night. Nokia had an answer which turned out to be the little Son of Nokia 3310. This phone was light yet tough and down to earth and simple. This phone was called Nokia 1100. It turned out to be one of the highest selling phones and It was also known to be these best friend of American Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. It could take a beating and also give one if you ever lost your gun in the battle. This phone was a tough baby made to experience rugged terrains and bad falls and so the tough people of the world befriended it. It didn’t look very enticing or attractive but did the job pretty well. We loved it for its sheer simplicity but it was a love and hate relationship for it was ugly and our wives loved asking for it whenever they had a trip to the attic or basement with the wiring burnt out for it had a torch that worked wonders.


Nokia 1100:

Nokia 1100 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

But Nokia has a tendency to slip out and lose sight from time to time. It has always made a fool of itself, the fool that these high in human index Europeans are, they just don’t care.. These years are tough on Nokia but even when they were better Nokia did come out with cheaply thought ideas. One such idea that we certainly believed in back then was the Nokia N-Gage or Ngage whatever you want to call it. We bought this tractor of a phone for the Forever alone boys that we were. We seriously wished to play games in the class hidden from the teacher. Fifa was one such game that god some good knocking up from us but alas the phone had to be given away for the girls and the kids would laugh at us, the only envy that we ever got was from geeks for they understood and the measly dressed dumb blondes thought we were kidding. Showing off by putting our own pencil box to the ear in school. Oh the pain it was, trying to explain that it actually was a phone. Gutter it my soul said and so yea it guttered it. Selling for a measly price as no grown up would buy this bull crap.

Nokia Ngage:

Classic Nokia N Gage thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

See I told you this crap was big and oh imagine where the head speaker was. on the side that is what made a good boy i.e. a nerdy boy cry.



Things really started getting better from 2004. Phones were coming in all categories and looks were of importance. Nokia had started hiring names like Dolce and Gabana to work with and were plating titanium on the keypads. It was really getting interesting and expensive. Some of the phones that we could not afford yet were the eye candy of our scant looking pockets this year were Motorola Razr V3, Motorola A1000, Motorola V80, Nokia Ngage QD, Nokia 9500 Communicator, Nokia 7610, Nokia 7280, Sony Ericsson P910, Samsung D500. All of these models were super popular back then although they seem pretty basic now a days. But we would still want to show some of these phones because they sure look good compared to the glass screen slabs that we carry around these days. Epiphany happened while we were looking at the these beauties, We do seem to like them more.

Motorola Razr V3:


MOTOROLA Razr V3 Black thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

Oh I still remember that sexy ad for the Motorola Razr V3 where a girl is putting her tight jeans on. With all the difficult she has the phone fits in her pocket without a problem. Oh how I wanted to touch those legs *ahem* I meant touch the phone.

Motorola Razr V3 is one player we wish to salute, it really brought true evolution for phone design. The thin looks, the beautiful form factor, touch and feel. everything was perfect. Its striking aluminum clad design was notable for its very slim form factor. We didn’t like the user interface a lot but hey Motorola sucked at it till the end with their own operating system. Razr made Motorola an instant winner. Motorola showed huge profits but the love for this design also killed their creativity in the coming days which did become a reason for their near death experience which you guys are experiencing now. To the CEO, Asshole move on she is gone. I mean the design, we were dead bored of it in a year cant you think of something new.


Motorola A1000:

One of the first touch screen phone I remember. Oh the beauty, compared to todays screen touching this one seemed banging your head with a rock but still felt next level alien shit. We were in love with it.

motorola A1000 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

it wasn’t a beauty but was one of the first 3g phone, with touch screen and front facing camera. It was the future, all nerdy kids want the future. The future had started and we were ready to brace ourselves for the onslaught of touch screen phones.

Motorola V80:

motorola v80 id px099129 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

V80 is another evolution in mobile design. With its disco screen that could be turned 360 degrees you had quite a bit of fun showing off to the ladies what your phone could do. Anyways it wasn’t the best looker either. But we do believe this phone had a lot to do with the evolution of phone design. The flip factor, the auto screen alignment. All of it was learned from Motorola’s Successes and Failures. 2004 was indeed a Hallelujah year.


Nokia Ngage QD:

Nokia hadn’t had enough of the losing it has recently been getting before 2008. It was a never say lose company back then. They had done real bad with the original Ngage so with the Ngage QD they were ready to show people what a gaming device cum phone should be. 14th April 2004, Ngage QD was launched at a lower price than its predecessor, Nokia wanted to make money on sales of licensed games. Another evolution for the pricing strategies in the mobile industry.

Nokia Ngage QD thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

Nokia had made the device smaller but those goons thought smaller also meant less. They stripped out the Radio unit, kicked out the MP3 capability (stupid assholes) and also removed the 5 way button and set up a 4 way retro button for gaming. The device looked better, had a front speaker so as to look normal while talking but still they had killed it. I guess Finland was experiencing too much of a cold whether and there brains shrank just like their assets down town. Ngage was dead and was more of a liability. Nokia tried to revive this series many time afterwards but it never worked. It was planned to kill and so it was. We really wished for this one to work. It could have been the iPhone of phones now. It was real high level tech that was involved in the screen and rendering of the games but sadly when you take too much out you just kill it just like a human can do without his Tonsils, 1 Kidney, 1 Eye, 1 ear and his appendix but it doesn’t mean you can take his nose. Its one nose bloody mofos.


Nokia 9500 Communicator:

Oh the executive suit phone is back. Ladies take your pants off for I make more money than your parents together ever could. This phone screamed it out again and again. It looked like a little laptop people who hadn’t touched it thought it was so. But using it showed that it was more clumsy than it looked. Had a good big screen, opened spreadsheets and website looked pretty nice but that was it. Didn’t really make us scream for more.

Nokia 9500 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

Big ass phone was more heavy on your pocket in real sense than on you wallet. But still it did the job for the rich and fancy. Also it boasted the S90 series of Symbian O.S. Was pretty powerful for its times and had good software support and power. Oh how we wanted it but couldn’t afford it. Nokia should chop their balls off, for they could make such technical beauties at that time and all they can do now is sit on their Bums and see their cheap feature phones sell at garbage prices. Dumb good for nothing MBA’s.


Nokia 7610:

This is the phone we owned at that time. Looked a little girlish but trust me it had some balls. Huge they were. it could take a good beating and looked sexy as well. Moms loved this phone too, we nerds were in the best of conditions. owning a masterpiece to get kisses from moms only.

Nokia 7610 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

With a one mega pixel camera it was a killer. You could see the dimple on your girl friends cheek if you zoomed the picture. This was made by aliens cause we had one and that is how the camera technology felt. Anyways we can easily proclaim this was one complete phone. Good looks, did justice to both men and women, Fit perfectly in your pockets, bags, hands or Bra (cough), was not very heavy on your wallet and had good features. Nokia had done it given us a complete package.


Nokia 7280:

We had to include this, if Nokia 7280 is missed you actually miss the evolution of Fashion industry into the mobile industry and the onslaught of fashion phones. this phone which was also called as the Pencil Phone and the Lipstick Phone didn’t do very well but had lots and lots of publicity around it. Celebrities were buying em like Barrack Obamas ass hair but then celebrities don’t make a big chunk and don’t result in huge sales. This Phone died in 2004 and didn’t do very well but was so iconic that even my Grandma on her death bed would have been able to tell it out at once.

755911381 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

See the weird thing was no keypad and all. It was different, it was ingenious and it was a pain in the ass. But another Slick Salute for this phone and ballsy move by Nokia to introduce it knowing that it will probably fail. Because it played a big role in the evolutionary process of mobile phones.


Sony Ericsson P910:

Oh how I tried getting this baby. Was just not affordable after having bought one phone already it meant selling my right testicle (its bigger) Anyways Sony did a great job, operated with a stylus this was one sexy beast.

SONY ERICSSON P910 BIG thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

The operating system was much powerful and it was complete in every sense. Having it was something big and we were in love. sad we couldn’t own one so cant say much but the way keypad was integrated with a touch screen was ingenious. Worth mentioning. Looks like 2004 was a big year for the phones after all.


Samsung D500:

samsung d 500 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

all I know is this phone was the first Samsung that looked beautiful, cost a lot and had a 1.3 Megapixel camera and yes my girlfriends mom had it. Ah I miss her. Anyways good phone to have, good screen, nice picture quality and overall winner. Black was really brought in by this phone and we saw black in many different phones afterwards.


So as visible 2004 was a big year for the mobile phone industry.



We did call 2004 a bumper year for mobile phones but 2005 was even grander. Handsets of 2005 improved their quality vastly over 2004 and some awesome Mobile Phones ended up being introduced which included HTC Universal, Nokia N70, Nokia 770, Sharp 902 and Sony Ericsson W800i.


HTC Universal:

Consider this more of a laptop replacement. This huge daddy of a device blew others out of competition. although it wasn’t or couldn’t be called a looker it sure was awesome in its work and functionalities.

HTC Universal thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

These phones were then called pocket PC as they had windows Mobile on them and were considered a technological masterpiece as far as their capabilities were concerned.

The most catchy feature of HTC Universal was the 180* swivel screen. On your commute with your friends back home or to the office you could really turn some heads. I remember chicks digging it but who cares poor me couldn’t afford it anyways. Also the automatic adjustment of the screen in portrait or landscape mode was awesome. blew us shit mindless at that time. I would have called it god but then my parents were too religious to not stone me, So Naah some other time maybe.


Nokia N770:

Now that we are discussing some big ass phones, 2005 had another beast playing its part. It was called the Nokia N770. internet was kicking in like anything and with technologies like 3G, Content and Internet was everything. Nokia dubbed its N770 as the Internet Tablet of the future.

Nokia N 770 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

It was also one of the first Nokia devices to run on a configured especially designed solution using Linux. It was the open source communities hail to victory. We were big users of Red Hat software before they divided it into fedora and shit and got all greedy. This device was big and may also be what resulted in Android phones. It had an ass kicking email client, awesome browser features, RSS readers and Internet Radio. It truly was an internet device but sad we spent most of the time in our Moms basement to need a device that supported internet features and was made for social people who moved around a lot.


Nokia N70:

Metal finish was the in thing after Razr had become a world wide success. Nokia really did perfect it with their N70 mobile phone. We personally were big fans of this stylish phone. One of the first N-Series mobile phone. It took of like anything. Received good fav reviews and had a whole army of fan boys who would swear by it like anything. Hell, One guy threatened me to my Junks life if I ever said anything bad about the N70. Scary I tell you.

nokia n70 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

The 2 mega pixel camera in itself was a winner. The independent flash – one of its kind did blow the competition away. Its screen and front facing camera made it a real 3G phone. The winner of 2005 was here. It truly was the start N Series needed which made it such a winner and something to look forward to.


Sharp 902:

Fashion phones were really becoming a hit thing. looks did matter a lot and designers were getting better every passing day. Those Japanese also wanted to show some of their design sense and they did it with the Sharp 902 Mobile Phone.

Sharp 902 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

Just a disclaimer the above given shit picture does not do any justice to this beauty. Sharp 902 learnt a lot from the Motorola V80 and many more phone that revolutionized clam design and screen movements. the screen could be twisted and turned and due to its popularity Ferrari also launched their phone which was just a branded Sharp 902. It also had a great 2 megapixel camera with 2 x optical zoom, which was pretty kick ass compared to its time.


Sony Ericsson w800i:

Before the iPods and the iPhones. We did have an iPod but Walkman series was shit crazy fantastic hit. Japanese had a control of the personal music player market and sony wanted to give us a taste of that. They could have very well built the iPhone, hell this was the iPhone for us with its revolutionary in ear default headphones and memory card capacity for songs. this was the future and this was a missed opportunity for Sony. Apple filled the space created by Sony and now they are no where to be seen. Japanese why you sleep on your own inventions. Stupid small eyed Asians with big mathematical brains. Hire Me.

Sony Ericsson w800i thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

Hell it was a complete phone with its awesome iPod like music application, awesome headphones and out of this world Camera. I remember joining the university and craving friendship of every kid on the block who owned this. Art school was a shit experience, rich kids all at one place owning the best toys to punch you in your groin telling you are poor.



If you ask us 2006 was an ok year. All phones looked like phones from 2005 on a slimmer diet and boosted technology. Not a big year. Many new phones came in which included k800i, LG Chocolate, Samsung D900, Blackberry 8700, Sony Ericsson z610i, Motorola SlVR L7.


Sony Ericsson K800i:

Sony ericsson k800l thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

This phone killed N73 which was one of the most popular phones in 2006. N series was designed to kill all other phones. But Sony Ericsson was just too good with this. This phone had one of the best cameras, the best lens and awesome capabilities. But still something was missing, maybe it was the screen but in 2006 no phone was complete, they all lacked something. No one could blow our nuts out of the water, what were they doing in the water in the first place.


LG Chocolate KG 800 :

Oh you beautiful lump of a phone. This phone was the first, as far as I know, having capacitative touch buttons and oh what beautiful looks I must say.

LG Mobile Phone Chocolate  KG90 KG800  thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

Modern art had really started giving everything a touch now. LG Chocolate was designed to be artist friendly. It was minimalist and boasted all the good design guidelines and trends. It was sleek and looked real nice with ladies, we don’t know why we thought it was the sexiest phone and so ladies could make do with it. Us, We were a tad too manly for it. The red glow of its hidden keypad was just too awesome and innovative that it received all the design awards in phone category that year. LG just redefined and spanked the ass of all parameters of style out there.


Samsung D900:

Well if Apple every learnt from any phone company it must have been their law suit filing brother Samsung. Samsung was the company which showed us that you could launch multiple models on the same design lines by just sharpening the edges, making it slimmer and shamelessly selling it for higher prices. Hell half the technical stuff also remains the same. But anyways here you go take my money give me the phone.

samsung d900 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

Hell, nothing had changed other than the camera and a dose of slimming pills. Everything was the same. But it was a good phone nevertheless.


Sony Ericsson Z610i:

These weren’t phones we would rather call them fashion accessories of 2006. Every girl wanted one. My girl friend wanted one and she never got one. Baby I love you although I don’t know where you are. Shit I am lonely. No one is going to read this anyways, people are lousy enough to just read headings and see pictures. No one comes on the site as well. Shit I earn pennies and still work so much. Ok coming back to the topic, these were more of fashion accessories.

sony ericsson z610i thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

So as is very much visible from the picture these made to be good fashion accessories and were the best fashion phones for a long time. Chicks still dig em and I have seen them supporting one as an extra.


Motorola SLVR L7:

I owned a L6 which was an ok phone. This was really something. It was the slimmest back then and Motorola had really shown the world what slim was which would play a big role in the industry for everyone had benchmarks to set and better to look. Technology was getting better and still phones were getting slimmer and better looking.

motorola v8 slvr thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

Blackberry 8700:

blackberry 8700 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

fat and bulky as a grand mother. This shit was heavy. Only successful people had it. They looked the best ugly with it and they love it. No matter what I say this phone was the kind of email and enterprise communication. It looked super ugly but who are we to judge. Blackberry made its name on support of such bulky phones. I didn’t use this phone but I must say I have enjoyed using blackberries a bit and would love to own one again.


So as predicted 2006 was shittier than expected. Nothing big. But the big things were going to come and they were about to land in hordes. Get ready




Just 5 years from now eh. Ok because phones started coming like land slides, We will refrain from talking too much. Also you would obviously know much about these phones. We all aren’t that old keeping the average demographic of this site in mind. So 3 phones per year but those 3 phones will be the best of the best and the real trend setters.

for 2004 the top 3 phones were: IPhone, Nokia N95 and Sony Ericsson p1i


Apple iPhone:

The design wonder, the game changer, the dick buster, the pussy magnet what can I not call this phone. This phone may very well be the real evolution for handsets, the messiah we all had been waiting for. With its big beautiful screen, touch technology that blew everyone out of competition, Good capacity, iPod quality sound and the plethora of applications this was God as far as mobile phones were concerned.

first iphone thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

Apple changed everything for the mobile industry. People realized that touch was the future and that touch could be awesome and easy to use if the right tech was employed. It also changed the whole concept of phone, now a phone wasn’t just supposed to be a set for calling rather it was supposed to have supporting applications, a good store for music and videos and everything else. We stood in a huge ass line to buy this after Steve Jobs keynote. I was personally ready to sell a kidney to get this beauty. This right here is what changed the mobile industry forever.


Nokia N95:

Good for the Nokia Lover but from our perspective an ok phone. Good capabilities and processor, good sound quality but N95 couldn’t pull it, although it was one of the better phones but 2007 was just over shadowed and over powered by the iPhone. Just to make sure everything is covered we had to give Nokia some space as it had started getting melodramatic with them and they were slowly being pushed out for their stupid creativity and poorer than possible phones.

As the picture shows nothing special here a big block of a set with good camera and a powerful processor. It also tried to revive the Ngage platform as a software addition. Never did work anyways.

Nokia N95 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).


Sony Ericsson P1i:

Sony was known for good phones. I appreciated this phone more than the boring, ever so predictable Nokia’s. Still 2007 was just the year for iPhone these phones were seeing the end of their life and people were cringing for something new. Fortunately or Unfortunately only iPhone gave them that respite.

Sony Ericsson p1i thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

Sony Ericsson P1i looked like the more beautiful version of P910 which we have already discussed. It had the silver metal finishing like Razr and Nokia N Series and kept the stylus alive. Touch screen and a dual keypad this phone had something about it which made it interesting.

As we said 2007 was the iPhone year. 2008 onwards competition started coming in and it got more interesting.



Phone business really started getting serious but still iPhone was ruling over our mind and soul. iPhone 3G was launched which did exceptionally good. T-Mobile G-1 did awesomely well and Nokia e71 was also the in thing. Not to forget executives were still raving the Blackberry series and Blackberry storm did exceptionally well.


iPhone 3G:

The 2nd generation iPhone from Apple. This iPhone was internally similar to its predecessor but had 3G support, improved GPS and a better Antenna to give better call qualities. The new software had some ass kicking qualities like push email to compete with those suited freaks at RIM and improved APP store to make it rock. Apps are what made the iPhone what it is and with iOS 2.0 it really became possible.

Apple iPhone 3g thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

The dimensions had increased a little and the user replaceable battery feature had been stripped but look at it the minimalistic design and the beautiful curves, this for sure was a beauty and a force to reckon with.


Nokia e71:

Yawwwnnns, hate it when have to write a review about some Nokia out there. Nokia was just sitting from 2004 till date with its same old Symbian platform and nothing interesting that ever happened.

Nokia e71 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

it was pretty popular with the executives and 40 + bureaucrats who didn’t have email to worry about. Had a good build quality and over all good feel to it. The camera was good and the flash also worked as a torch in dark. Other than that it was an ok phone. Lets move on now.


Blackberry Bold 9000:

Blackberry Bold series kicked off with much expectations and hype. The first phone in the Bold series was the Blackberry Bold 9000.

blackberry bold 9000 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

With its really radiant 2.8 inch screen it was a winner for the executives. Well look at it, it still looks beautiful and sophisticated. Loved how its back felt, that leathery feel to it. The trackball was also fun to use and really dependable. overall this phone was a killer because of its email push capabilities but it could be seen that Apple will kill it. Today we can see it happening and it hurts because RIM could have done it but they were too occupied with their email servers and all to really concentrate on other things. there you go again executives of RIM now fill your nuts with sugar and lick it for you were not creative enough with all those suits of yours and trimmed hear and beards. Whatever.

T-Mobile G-1 / HTC Dream:

We said 3 phones a year but this one was worth the mention. I have owned it and its lying in my office drawer dead but what a phone it was. The flip out keyboard just made it look all the more cool. I got it, jail broke it and used the mother fudging shit out of it. It just felt and looked so cool to me.

T Mobile G1 HTC Dream thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

Although the screen feels and looks a little fragile but it was one monster that could take some cocking. It took a lot of beating and never left me stranded. G-1 was popular in America but in other countries it was called the HTC Dream and what a dream it was. I think it was the first android phone that came into my hands and oh I loved every bit of it. Android never was as good as the iOS then but you could feel that something big was coming up as Google had its back.

The 3.2 inch screen did well, Camera was good, phone did get a little slow at times but was bearable. Also it took some learning to get around that physical qwerty keyboard but the mobile industry was learning and the mobiles were at a heightened stage of evolution. Masterpieces were about to land and it was for sure this time.



2009 was an awesome year. It was when you could actually see people talking and discussing phones at all times. Android and Apple war had started and the fan boys were out on the streets to kill. In this dust storm Nokia was dying and RIM was starting to worry. Investors had started thrashing the two companies and their executives were ready to take their pants off and say sorry. In all this hoopla 3 Phones that blew us away were: HTC Hero, Motorola Droid and the iPhone 3GS.

HTC Hero:

it was beautiful ergonomically and physically. everything about this phone seemed perfect. I just loved the design, the curved ends and the way it fit in your palm. It felt as if god had made it and sent for humans to look upon and worship. I tried to pray to it but damn it was slow. Yes the only problem was Android was getting powerful but the phones weren’t fast enough. Over and above all that this HTC Hero supported the HTC Sense UI another load on the physical memory. But one must say Sense User Interface was and is beautiful. Although shutting it down made the phone quicker but no one wanted to do that. It was the holy grail of this beautiful thing.

htc hero 2 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

This was my boner initiator. I just loved it.


Motorola Droid:

Some dubbed it as the device of the year. But I dubbed it as the Motorola Savior. Motorola should have been dead long back after it couldn’t make any awesome device after Razr. This Goliath of mobile industry had been on its death bed for ever. But Cats have 7 lives and this cat has 100. Motorola shall continue its mobile phone business because of the instant success of Motorola Droid. It was better than iPhone supported the powerful android and was a taste apart.

Motorola Droid Milestone thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

Now this phone was a device for real. It had an awesome screen, awesome slide out keyboard and what not. Also it supported a much Razr like feel on the back with its metal finish. You had to love it. the camera was good and supported low light picture snapping. It was also the first to ship with Google Map Navigations installed by default.

Art and design wise I personally think that this phone was a trend setter. The straight edges, minimalistic keyboard feel and the snappy slide out effect made it all modern and post iPhone. It was different and awesome.


iPhone 3GS and HTC HD2:

iPhone 3GS was just a faster more speedier processor version of the 3G. It was a good phone but more or less was the same as before. The screen had improved, it felt lighter, had a better camera and you could feel the speed difference while playing heavy games or using different Apps. But it was just another iPhone of the 2nd or 1st generation. We loved it but would not talk much about it because we were awe inspired by another Phone which was HTC HD2. It was big, bulky and a technical wonder. It was just adorable. I was ready to sell my girl friend 5 times to own it. Everything was just so perfect.


HTC HD2 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

What should I tell you about this one. This is an utter beauty. I still use one of these modified to run Android and Windows Mobile 7. Originally this phone was supposed to run Windows 6.5 but everybody knew it was too powerful for that crap of an OS. I bought it thinking HTC would push an upgrade for windows 7, when that did not happen to keep the utter beauty of this master piece alive I went ahead with android oh don’t ask I have never looked back this beast is just awesome. Runs like the wind and why not its guts and insides were full of nitrous and what not. This phone was so powerful that HTC HD7 was the same phone launched with windows 7 years later.

Some of the best features of this phone were 4.3 inch screen, multi touch screen, Snapdragon 1 Ghz CPU with magnetometer used for compass and directional capabilities. The camera was also a 5 megapixel beauty with one of the sharpest quality pictures at its time. Hell this phone has been seen running windows 95 to windows XP and yes I mean the desktop versions. Just amazing still love it to date and have a dual boot setup to run both Android and Windows Phone 7.



so we are reaching nearer to now. Its beautiful isn’t it. everything feels so fresh, so noteworthy. 2010 was not very different. From now or 2009. Great phones kept coming in. Physical keyboard seems to be disappearing and Blackberry is out no where to be seen. The top phones of 2010 were: iPhone 4G, Samsung Galaxy S Series and yes the Nokia N8. Hate us if you want but it was an ok phone and should have made it here.


iPhone 4G:

iPhone 4G thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

We are so bored of the look and feel of iPhone that this dramatic picture given above looked better. iPhone 4 had a more modern, straight edged feel to it. The back was made of glass which made it a little more fragile but the phone was just awesome. With its 5 Megapixel camera and flash it was complete. IPhone also introduced multi tasking in its operating system with the launch of iPhone 4. Love for Apple for doing an awesome job that Apps have become as important as the phone itself. The work done by Apple App Store reflects on every different OS today. Win for Apple all the way.


Samsung Galaxy S:

with the galaxy series coming out, Samsung had become a winner for everyone. Now if the iPhone 4 wasn’t launched I would be singing all kinds of songs for this phone but phew the fan boy that I am I needed some dose from Apple. Nevertheless this was one lovely phone.

Samsung Galaxy S thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

It didn’t look as good as the iPhone but was also more sturdy and had less chance of breaking with one fall. The hardware was truly high quality and the android ran like a little bird on it. No problems at all. The winners were its slim design, Life like display quality, Great camera with an LED flash and good battery time. The only bad that it supported was the it has a plasticky feel paired with just an ok looking design. It was simple and straightforward much like the iPhone but with its 3rd generation of phones iPhone 4 did look good and feel great so Galaxy S did get beaten here.


Nokia N8:

Nokia N8 thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

I have a feeling you hate us for bringing this in. But oh beautiful it was and not single shits do I give. This phone is a must to be made available here. iPhone may have brought the concept of device bumpers but look at these bumpers beautiful. The phone was sturdy, the software dependable and speedy, the camera high quality it didn’t lack anything other than no good Apps on the Symbian platform. Nokia N8 was a must own once for its different feel and awesome design and build quality. Nokia seemed to be getting its shit straight.



Alas the year that we all saw. Simple, clean and no surprises at all. It was a good year rather an ok year for the mobile industry. much was expected but to be true it was all normal. Nothing big happened and we lived normal lives. Noteworthy phones were: Samsung Galaxy S2, iPhone 4S, HTC Sensation XE


Samsung Galaxy S2:

Samsung was ready to show everyone that it had balls bigger than what you may think an Asian would have. They are ready to compete with any American or even black man out there. Yes they are big we know. Samsung Galaxy S2 was a true winner because of its build quality and the high quality hardware that went into it.

Samsung Galaxy S II thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

It had the industry best AMOLED screen, dual core processor and just an awesome awesome camera. Galaxy S2 was the phone to beat in 2011 and as far as we know they succeeded but couldn’t put the best in and create an awesome package like the S2 was. Considering this fact Samsung Galaxy SII / S2 was the best money could buy.

Apart from the powerful process and screen the Camera was just amazing. It captured amazing pictures and full HD video as well. Samsung wasn’t going to sit down, it had decided to beat everyone out there and one such effort same year was Galaxy Nexus. Shit just got Serious for apple and HTC.


iPhone 4S:

Apple loves teasing the fan boys especially fan boys like us. We have started hating them for this. Tim or whatever the new guy is called, this is a warning we shall cut your balls and put them in place of your eyes. Look around everyone has big screens and awesome hardware what is wrong with you.

Apple iPhone 4s thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

Looking like the same old iPhone 4 ( As expected ) iPhone 4S had an exception dual core processor, face time, Siri voice command software and an out of this world Camera. The Screen had Retina Display which is said to have the best quality and refresh rate. if IPhone did not have the best Operating System all the Android offerings would have become a pain in the ass for Apple. But since they still lead on a complete package side i.e. hardware and Software the time is still far away.


HTC Sensation XE:

Htc Sensation XE Beats Audio thumb The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

HTC has made some exceptional hardware for companies like Motorola, Apple, Samsung and Google. How can a manufacturer stay behind when its own offerings are concerned. HTC Sensation XE was that example. Sensation XE came with 2 offerings, a simple one and one with Beats software preloaded and headphones to accompany. It made for a great music lover handset and the headphones offered some great value for money music wise. Design wise the phone was big, bulky yet artsy and sophisticated. It came with a powerful 1.5 Ghz dual core processor that blew my laptop out in space as well. Yes I am a bit poor and it played heavy bass music like my nanny changed my diapers. This phone was heaven and it still is. Get your hands on one if you get a good deal.




Yes its here the end. I don’t know if anybody would read through. Fuck I wont. Anyways all in all this year looks to be good. Samsung Galaxy SIII / S3 is doing great. has sold some 15 million + units and still selling. HTC has done great with its offering and the big thing is going to be Apple iPhone 5. Also Motorola is heard to be back in game with its Motorola Atrix 4G Handset. The war is still on and design wise phones have gotten better day by day. The machines are more human centric with capabilities like eye track and environment feel your phones are yes your wives and Husbands. Siri looks like my sister but anyways.


It has been a long talk and discussion till here. we started with the big bulky man killer radio sets / mobile phones and here we are too slim as shit phones. These phones look like anorexic models, unbelievable but shit beautiful. We await more developments and things to get even more out of this world. Till then you let us know which handsets you have owned and what do you think of all the phones discussed and the future we are looking up to. Thanks and have fun wlEmoticon smile The Evolution of Mobile Phone Design (History:1980 to 2012).

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  2. Mikhail Gorodilin wrote:

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    Pretty awesome article man, and to think, I’ve owned almost all the phones in this list. Still remember the N95 days.
    And I still have the 3310 and 1100 lying around somewhere.
    And good to see you included the Nokia N8 here, it truly was an important device. Brought camera capabilities to mainstream smartphone with that 12mp lens and xenon flash. I still use it as my main phone, though I’ve bought many after it, but couldn’t get myself to put this one down.
    The article gave me a feeling of nostalgia. Thanks for that dude!

    • Adlo wrote:

      Thanks Man. Appreciate the love. N8 was truly an amazing experience. Keep coming back ;) and do let us know for some good articles that would interest people like you who really do give a shit ;)