Yuki Matsueda 3D art


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3D Movies, 3D Tv’s and even 3D Camera’s have been making some real inroads in popular culture but have you ever thought about a 3D painting. Yuki Matsueda has introduced 3D art which is super-eminent. This art is extremely awesome and it has taken Yuki Matsueda to new heights of success and fanfare.

Yuki Matsueda is a specialist in making such astonishing 3D paintings. He was born in Ibaraki, Japan in 1980. He has done his PhD. in Design at the Tokyo University of Arts. This task was completed by him in 2010 and he has been making the paintings and holding exhibitions since his graduation day.

The awesomeness of Yuki’s work has no limits. He has made paintings cum sculptures that deceive the eye to think of depth and third dimensional orientation.

It would be cool have one of these things hanging on the wall of  your house. Some of his work is exhibited below. To view more of his awesome work click here.

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yukicollage thumb Yuki Matsueda 3D art

matsueda6 650x779 Yuki Matsueda 3D art

3d art yuki matsueda 10 600x384 Yuki Matsueda 3D art

8VNsx Yuki Matsueda 3D art

94 Yuki Matsueda 3D art

3dart2 Yuki Matsueda 3D art